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Maddie Royce has been a member since 12/07/2016

You've caught yourself checking out my 38D's and wondering how wild I am as I make you fall over yourself and stutter with lust. I am a living dream, yet I'm real, as real that hardening cock in your pants and the quickening of your breath as you gaze at my hourglass figure! I'm an insatiable siren who lives to get kinky and crazy, complete with a body built for sin, pleasure, and indulgences of the flesh. Lucky you --your dream girl is more depraved and debaucherous than you can even imagine! The spell I'll cast on you with my charms lasts forever, much like the image of my perfect pin-up body is burned into your mind. Once you experience me, you will never forget me.

Ask me any filthy questions you'd like to. I'm as open as my creamy thighs are while they're spread invitingly before you! I'll do all of the nasty things that those boring, bland women in your life refuse to do. I exist to make your porno fantasies into your perfect reality! I'm everything you've ever wanted, eagerly awaiting to captivate and entrance you. Let me be the lust-filled escape that you need and find your newest addiction in this sassy seductress!

I've always had a fascination with the deviance that can be found only in the darker realms of our human nature. Kink is addicting to me and I crave naughty new encounters to add to my menagerie of deviant sexual experiences. I am one creatively kinky girl and a walking fantasy who has stepped out of your imagination, seductively sauntering into your reality. I was made to seduce & conquer!

My bratty, feminine power has been harnessed after 5+ years of professional BDSM experience. I have a pouty, perverse mouth that perfectly mirrors my depraved mind and I'm filled with perversions and fantasies that are as endless as my perfect curves. My intelligence and wit only enhance my beauty, making me stand out in everything I do. My voice will lure you in as quickly as my all-too-appealing aesthetic did! You'll be thinking of me incessantly, and for good reason: I'm irreplaceable.

Soon you will know me inside and out, from what makes me tick to what makes me wet. I bet you're already dying to explore every inch of me. I excel at every single role I take on, often finding myself ravenous for roleplays and power exchanges of all types. I embrace the art of being your seductive yet sadistic Mistress whose sole purpose in life is to put you in your place. However, I am also open to new ideas, suggestions, and whatever comes naturally to our personally tailored dynamic. My versatility and imagination should never be doubted.... and neither should my power over you!

I live to experience and fulfill fantasies, whether they are beloved classics or completely off-the-wall. Don't ever let my sweet voice and doe eyes fool you --I can shock you to your core with just a few sentences from my lips! You'll be smitten with my addictive giggle and ability to transform what you thought would be a standard Niteflirt conversation into a life-changing, kink-filled treat for the both of us. I'm here to forge long-lasting connections that will enrich our existences for many years to come.