Phone Sex

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Suck my Cockiness, lick my Persuasion

The quickest way to my heart is through your wallet.

I am a small but powerful Domina who is here to corrupt your mind, make you weak, and take your money in the process.

I am a very confident proud and sexy Domme who has been in the lifestyle of Financial Domination for over 10 years now. I pride myself on the experience submissives have with me in understanding that this is not a get rich quick scheme for me, I genuinely enjoy the power I have over you little ones. I have ALWAYS been confident as long as I can remember, bending males to my will and have them adhere to my every whim and desire.

That being said, I WILL NOT break you financially. I am not here to ruin someone, I am here however to have you show me why you see not only myself but all women as your superior.

Being that I have been involved in this lifestyle for many years now, I only accept the best. I keep those around whom can consistently prove to me that they are worth my time and attention. It is not about the biggest tribute (not that I would turn away a nice large giftcard) but it is truly about the sacrifice to me. Someone who sends me their last $50 and forcing them to eat ramen noodles for a day or 2 means a lot more to me than just some random sub dropping 100 and falling off the face of the earth.

I want consistency.

I want you to WANT to please me. I should not have to force your hand in providing me with the lifestyle I deserve. I work for my money so I don’t NEED yours!

Someone who can consistently prove to me that they are sacrificing for my betterment goes a long way with me and could give you the chance of serving me long term.

If you wish to serve me, do your homework, learn my likes, dislikes, and understand what it means to truly OBEY, WORSHIP and SPOIL.

Goddess Lexxi