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Financial Domination for the Discriminating Fellow

Financial Domination. It seems the web is saturated with fin dommes who are looking for human atms. I'm not immune to wanting money piggies; after all, I'm a very dominant woman, and I expect to be worshipped and tributed simply for existing.

However, with the over-saturation of this particular financial fetish, you find all kinds of bobble headed insta-dommes. Those who think that if they just say "Gimme your money, loser" that you'll fork over your cash.! It simply doesn't work that way. Sure, maybe it works for some drive-by money piggy wannabes, but you're different, aren't you? You know it takes time to get to know a Domme; you certainly don't want to be randomly spraying your load (of cash) around, do you?

Well, dear boy, I think we should get to know each other better. I've been taking men's money online and in person for several years, and I know a thing or two about financial domination. I'm not the usual financial domme that you see online. Instead, I deeply understand your need to turn your hard earned money over to a woman. I know that your workday goes by much faster, and you enjoy your work much more, when you're working for someone like me.

I also understand your increased heart rate, the tingling in your pants, the rapid breathing, and maybe even some sweating of the palms, when you think about tributing someone like me. I totally get it. I totally know that this fetish is far more than dick deep for you; it's in your's at the core of who you are.

Ahhhh, to worship a woman with your THAT is your way of showing just how very submissive you are...just how reverential you are to a superior woman. I am that woman. I understand your need and your desperation to find a Domme who understands just how much of a sacrifice you're making - not only of your finances, but especially of your ego. Financial slavery strips you of your ego...breaks you down so that you can be molded into the man I want to be.

Dear boy, if any of the above describes you, we need to talk! But bear in mind that I don't play games. I take very seriously your need to financially worship a Domme. Don't expect me to chase you and remind you of your commitment to pay me. (Pardon me while I laugh at the thought of a Domme having to chase a man. HAHAHA! You simply will NOT get that from me. If you need that much attention, then I suggest you find a domme who will chase you and give you the attention you want). However, if you're serious about finding a money domme who understands this is a spiritual / metaphysical total power exchange, then let's get to know one another better!