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Hey Sissy Boy! Ur so ugly, let me dress you up!

I am your Goddess Queen. I rule the very Queendom you live in. I am worshipped​ for My beauty, My power, My unpredictable moods, and My demanding and manipulative ways. Tribute Me now and prove that you are worthy! You are not worthy of being a man with the family jewels you inherited. Let me dress you and make fun of you! What kind of sissy are you anyway!? I hope you can handle My wrath! I will belittle you, put you in your place, demand that you steal your mother's and wife's clothes and makeup, I will give you makeup tutorials, I will teach you how to shave and pluck everywhere, scrape the edge of my stilettos down your skin when you are not obeying! I will test you, manipulate you, make you feel worthless and lost. I will have you buy My clothes, lingerie, bikinis and makeup, so we can really be best friends! Wear something I have worn, try to become Me... because you worship me so much! Wake up loser! You could never be me! I am a Goddess Queen, and you are a no good pathetic good-for-nothing, attractive-to-nobody slave. Watch me smile and be your best friend, while I am really stabbing you in the back or wrapping you round my little finger :) Tribute me now slave, and let's begin the fun... and tears!