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I specialize in switch executive types. These are men who exist in power positions during the day, only to succumb to their true sub-desires by night. *disclaimer* I create problems for these men as they simply do not and cannot perform their daily functions without wishing to be at MY feet. It takes a sophisticated man to separate his desires to serve ME from the necessities of the day. I need MY little piglets to keep that bacon coming, so you'll need to be mindful of that.

Others may create bullshit profiles. This is who I am. I'M not indulging you. Trust ME. This isn't a ride you get off from. You gush until I am finished with you. Poor faggots need not apply. Undisciplined one-timers, not interested. cunts with agendas, fuck off. If you've been into this scene a while, you know who I am.

Basics: Shower ME in cash. I like to have MY feet worshipped. After some time, I will let you worship MY muscles, after more time (and money), you may experience MY enormous bulge, but don't count on it. your humiliation is guaranteed. I enjoy cam 2 cam and like to make you into MY pet. I enjoy forcing you into uncomfortable or gross situations for MY amusement. You will want to pray to ME

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The UnderFoot Hole of Shame *Featured Pics Coming Soon!

dumb low faggot: "I'm pretty sure I can't withstand anymore seeing your body and stunning face and listening to the cool but heartless control in your voice. All I can do is sort of lie on the floor and await your commands and, in your words, start to "gush." My new life is set to begin."

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"Easily slipped the noose around my neck, wallet, past present and future. Even if I had a choice it would be this."

powersub:"Faggots make me sick. What kind of a weak pussy just gets you cash for no reason? The faggot should be thoroughly abused, and I'm sure it would agree."

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