Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

How to describe myself? I really dislike false advertising and other forms of BS, don't you? One thing I promise is that I'll be honest with you -- even if it costs me your business. I'll even tell you my real age (if you ask nicely).

That said, I'm very sexual, and I love most of my calls. What turns me on? Receptive by nature, my sexuality is more responsive than assertive; in other words, I much prefer to follow your lead. I feel that, as a woman, it's my place to please a man -- and it thrills me to do so.
But sex isn't the only thing that turns me on. Educated, articulate and thoughtful as well as passionate, I love intelligent conversation almost as much as I love sex. I'm fascinated by all kinds of people; most of all I love getting to know someone deeply. For me it's all about connection and depth, about that special bond of trust that lets us get into one another's intimate places.

Be assured that I really am the person I present to you. Not that I don't enjoy role play -- actually, I love it! With my creative imagination, I love stepping into your fantasies with you and making them come to life. But that's not the same as deceiving you or BSing you. I won't try to make you think I'm something I'm not, and I don't lie. I just have this thing about rigorous honesty: it's how I live my life, both on the phone and off.
What that means is that when we're on the phone, you're talking to me, not some persona I invented to get your money.

The honesty thing goes for sex play, too: I don't pretend to be turned on if I'm not, and I don't fake orgasms. If I sound like I'm cumming with you, I am ...and if I don't get off during our call, I won't fake it. Luckily for both of us, I usually do get off ;)

Give me a call: I'll do my best to make our time together special, highly personal and enjoyable -- for both of us!
NOTE: If you want to know what a call with me might be like, check out what other clients have said (actual feedback taken verbatim from my listings):
"Claudia is most fantastic whose talents are unspeakably sensual and provocative. She will take you to heights of ecstasy and kinky pleasures. Must experience first hand."

"Claudia is an amazing lady. Extremely intelligent, she tunes in to your leads and blows you away with her willingness to satisfy your dominant needs."

"Claudia is a wonderful,intelligent,and sensual woman. She truly cares about her clients and their satisfaction. My orgasms are intense with this lovely woman."

"As real and authentic as a sexy mature woman could get... she is very friendly and pleases so well."

"STARS 500 STARS - Is what I was seeing when she was finished with me. Whoah! - THE HOTTEST call I've had this year, for sure! Thanks, Gorgeous!"

"Claudia is NF's most intelligent,intellectual sub. She is sensual and very giving and such a great mind fuck. The more you know her and use her,the better she is!"

"There is no one sexier, real, hot, and genuine than Claudia. Every call with her is better than the last. It's a cliche but she really is the best on NF. Call her now, you won't regret it and you will come back for more and more, like I do."

"One of the best calls ever. Claudia nailed the role play with all the right detail, i have not cum that hard in a long time!!!"

"Intelligent, sensitive, responsive, and sensual, Claudia is always incredible. Can never spend enough time with her. Intelligent conversation blends into passionate sex. She's the best!"

"Smoking hot, open minded, always catches my fantasy! Claudia gets right into things, with no nonsense, and knows instinctively what I'm into. Double five stars!"

"Claudia has a soft and sweet voice. I gave her a brief description of the role play that I wanted and we were off. She followed the storyline well and made it her own. Thank you Claudia!"

"5 Stars - 10 Stars - 20 - I don't know how many she had me seeing? WOW! Sorry that I ran out of time at end, but I was in a coma. Thanks!!"

"It's often said, but for Claudia it's true....she is the best on NF! Sexy, smart, fun, engaging, playful...she's the whole package. Knows how to please a man and have fun herself at the same time. Love you babe!"

"Not what you expect; a real person with more experience and understanding than any other girl on this service."

"WOW! I am just amazed how each call just keeps getting better and better! Claudia is so willing to please, and she does! Awesome role play! Super hot and sexy! A must call."

"For a mature real woman you can't beat Claudia. Experienced natural slut down on her knees giving you what you want,the way you want it!"

"Claudia is great! She's very sensual and erotic. She knows how to push and keep pushing your buttons. She has great sense for what you love without you even telling her."

"Claudia is SO intelligent and SO hot – PLUS she’s really nice and understanding and willing to explore your inner world with you. What a combination!"