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Being cute. Being right. Being on top. Being me.<3

What's up guys?

I'm Joey, the Philly Princess.

I bartend part-time and love to have a good time with my girls. My friends think that I study a lot. No one in my life knows that I secretly can’t wait to get home to my little bitches. Who are these little bitches that I’m referring to? Call me tonight, and you’ll become my bitch boy. Well, you’ll become one of them. You probably won’t make my short list of favorites, but you can try. I love to see a man on his knees.

Anything less than perfect on the feedback, and you will not be allowed to contact me again. Why should I let you have more, when you didn't appreciate the first dose.

The smoking calls are one of my favorite. I don't really smoke daily or anything, but I love smoking and flicking my ashes on you. Better yet, is when I make you into my little smoking slut. I love making you smoke anywhere from one cigarette to a pack a day. I also love making you smoke other stuff, like cigars. *wink* I love hearing your painful little moans when I force you to burn yourself anywhere with the cherry, ash anywhere on your pathetic body, even in your mouth or down your throat. When the cig is done, swallow it bitch. I want to hear you gag on the hot cherry as you swallow for me.

I steal five dollars out of your wallet...

I steal ten dollars out of your wallet...

I steal twenty-five dollars out of your wallet...

I steal fifty dollars out of your wallet...

I steal one hundred dollars out of your wallet...

I steal two hundred and fifty dollars out of your wallet...

I steal five hundred dollars out of your wallet...

Come on, you know that you’re tired of the girls in your life that smile and lie to you. Aren’t you? They tell you that your dick is huge, or that size doesn’t matter. By the way, it does.

You really just want a girl to roll you over, and fuck your pussy with her big blue strap-on. Maybe you want me to tell you how pathetic you are… That’s not a problem. I’m pretty dominant and stronger than I look. I’ll be honest with you about everything, and I do mean everything.

Are you tired of your vanilla-flavored wife or girlfriend? Actually, maybe you can’t even get a girl. Is that it? Don’t worry. There’s a new bitch in town. Come find out about me, if you think you can handle it.

I want to get you all dressed up for me like a good little girlie slut. I love small penis humiliation phone sex, owning your prick, making you masturbate for me and eat your own cum, making you suck cock for me and basically turning you into more of a slut than you already are.

There are some of you that just want an old-fashioned hot-ass sex call. Yeah, I do those too. I can certainly handle any of the role plays in your twisted little mind.

The main thing that you need to know is that I get what I want. I'm the only daughter in a huge italian family. My brothers have taught me to be a tough bitch and to win. So that's what I do. Win. My family has no idea what I do on the phone calls that I get. But to me, that's even hotter.


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