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Her orgasms are not like his. He can have (1-3) complete orgasms in a day or (3) without losing his hard-on and he’s done or goes for a month hard & not orgasm at all and fuck her forever, but (1) orgasm for her is only the beginning. She’s just getting started.

She needs to orgasm multiple times before she is completely relieved-free.

When they 1st met they didn’t have sex for 3 months but were extremely intimate. During those 3 months she built up sexually higher and higher and higher, so when they finally had sex she orgasmed 40 times in (1) hour and that means literally ejaculated-squirted that many times, the floor was drenched.

Who knew women produced more liquid than men…far more.

He was not educated in this kind of female orgasm or love making, but he is now.
It’s not just the way she ejaculated but just she was the most well rounded whole woman he’d ever met.

He’d never knew women where so different and yet have similar needs to men…..can you imagine never having an orgasm…..most women don’t.

No wonder they feel so unappreciated and left out in the cold.

Wow, women need more orgasms than men do. Men's are nothing compared to theirs. It’s just that they need more of a buildup than men do.

Once built-up they can go and go and go forever.

Once the buildup has gone down, then it’s time for buildup time again.

So the smartest way to handle a women sexually is to keep them constantly on a sexual sensuous high…… teasing them….being so sexy to them with them at all times.

This woman taught him that pussy teasing wasn’t just him using his mouth or cock or fingers but mental and verbal pussy teasing was also an important part of the equation……

on the phone at work…..

when shopping for groceries or clothes or the hardware store…

when cooking or doing the dishes if without a maid that is…during athletics…

any activity…while resting or watching TV….

at the movies….in a line waiting…taking classes together…etc …etc ….

Add in surprises of every kind after getting to know what she really likes and needs....then, you've got it.

It took (2) weeks for him to learn her expert sex techniques (her personal physical needs) and her body from top to bottom (the fastest ever, any man had learned this special education from her before him).

And, he loved her personality and the way she thought and the scientific practical no nonsense realities she lived by…..she was the best ever…..someone he could trust and depend on, she was not full of shit.

He could see she had worked very hard on herself and her life….leaving nothing to chance.

She’d motion for him through the day to come to her and she’d masturbate him or suck his cock or put his face at a particular part of her body and have him use his lips or tongue or both….there was a particular degree of wetness…just a little or a lot depending on the job needed in the moment or the hour…sometimes it would last these little demanding soft-hard needs of hers for just seconds to tease her (or to tease him) or for longer or even an hour.….he was in heaven.

She told him she had never had a problem with men getting hard-ons unless they smoked cigarettes or drank or used drugs.

Now, she never will allow herself to be with a man like this, even if, he only drinks wine. Society does have us convinced though that these are necessities. We are so brainwashed and mis-manipulated and misinformed.

Fucking her is so special not only because she is so tight and wet, but the agony she loved to feel before allowing herself to orgasm was so fucking sexy and expressive and endless…the sexiest he’d ever seen a woman in his life.

She needed lots of time. They would fuck for days and hours with him not orgasming.

In all positions whatever was needed at the time. She wouldn’t change positions based on let’s try this. No it was more of a natural change of positions. She felt her way around sex…around fucking…around love.

She wasn’t putting on a show for him or repeating her sexual past plays or trying or forcing herself to orgasm with every part of her being.

No, she was like a beautiful natural dancer…even an animal or an alien…like sex was brand new every moment…as if unlearned but yet, so brilliant.

Sex was invented-created every moment with her by them both. She felt it and it unfolded and she lived it and so did he.

He could tell sex was something she took seriously, as she did every aspect of her life. This is what was so impressive about her.

All things in her life must be successful, even sex….even love.....they were not separate for her.

She had worked through all her past emotional complexes sexually and mentally and as a woman, plus broken down all her psychology walls and emotions about men and about herself.

She knew the ugly of them and had accepted it as a biological defect…or the yin and yang of life…..a reality a woman has to live with to successfully be around men.

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