Phone Sex

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Want the thrill of being blackmailed without the high price? You’ve come to the right place. This is my blackmail on a budget line. I know so many of you losers out there dream about being blackmailed but never go through with it because you’re afraid it will cost you too much. I will help you experience the helplessness of a blackmail situation while always keeping it within your means. My blackmail game is also SHORT TERM. Here’s how it works. You call this listing, Yes it’s a higher per minute but that’s to ensure you’re serious and not fooling around, I won’t be, you can be sure of that. Right away I will ask for your personal information and I will write it down. What will I ask for? Your full name, Your phone number, The city or town you live in, your parents or wife’s name and number, and finally where you work. You will not need to send me any incriminating photos or information, I can cause enough trouble for you without it. *evil grin* But you won’t have to worry about that because you’re going to pay your hush money on time, right? This blackmail game will last just two weeks and only cost you $75 total. I will contact you three times within the two weeks and each time I will ask for $25 to be sent to me. Pay it and you’ll be safe. At the end of the two weeks your information will be discarded and the game will end.