Phone Sex

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Small Penis Princess

Not every 'body' gets to lick the Princess

"It" = My Pussy & Ass

Will I let you lick it?

I'd even let a 'HOT HARD PASSER BYER' lick it for me, but you need to be either really really good, or really really want to be trained to do it 'just like I like it'. Not only in great detail, but also, creatively with intuitive intelligence, great great slowness, care, and lustful getting deeply connected passion.

Most of all timing is important. How long on each part of my vulva, and what techniques do you use? How long can you last? 15 mins.? LOL!! Fuck you, loser!! 30 mins? Yea!! Right!! 1 Hour? Just getting started!! 2 Hours? Getting warmer!! 3 Hours? Perfect!! I've cum alot, and now, I'm exhausted!!

Kiss it sweet, and slow it down, one more time, nicely.

Rest!! Get ready!! I'll need more later. I'm never satisfied!!

Hope you like a girl who ejaculates lots and lots!!

Now, turn me over, and start on my ass.....

You'll pay me here, alright, in quality, and in time, and in "expensive gifts" you'll want to buy your 'Little Princess' on a regular basis to make her even happier.

I don't like being unhappy, and you won't like me unhappy, either.

What's your "Real" size???

0" 1" 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" 11" 12" 13" 14" 15" 16"

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Each photoset below contains 3 Pics of me "without" the Bikini
Full nudes require more Green ;)

Photoset 1

Blue Bikini

Photoset 2

Orange Bikini

Photoset 3

Me in Panties

Photoset 4

No Bikini here

Photoset 5

Sex with Me

I'll not be changing out my photo sets every 2 months, buy these while you can.

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