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Mistress Charlyn

Asian Goddess - Bow to the Queen

I am a lifestyle Mistress. In my character, I'm very demanding. I like severe spanking or punishments, I like to tease and humiliate specially slutty sissies. I own and have owned them and I take great pride in training them to be the sluts I want. I mold them, break them, tease them, take them under My boot and make them embrace the bitch they are. I have always enjoyed what a sissy is. they wish to be soft, lovely, sexy, and almost always so slutty. I have been a lifestyle almost my whole life being a Mistress has been something that I have always felt. I am pro but I live it as well and I love weak, pathetic ones and strong ones who are wanting to please, spoil, and pamper a true Goddess.... What do I like? I like bitches, weak ones, strong ones, alphas,slaves, subs and My lovely sissies. I love to humiliate, degrade, use and bitch. I am all you will want and more and if you play by My rules you'll gain My attention. I practice session online and real time and I enjoy toys immensely. Sessions are scheduled always ahead of time and I expect proper treatment, respect,and compensation for My services. What I expect of you? Absolute respect, submission, and you to obey Me always if you wish to be Mine. you spoil Me, give Me all I desire, and treat Me always with respect and I give you that feeling that you've longed for. I am the Goddess, the Empress, and the Mistress of your existence. if you are Mine then you live for Me when you speak to Me you will feel it immediately. I am the image you cannot forget, the words, you cannot disobey, and the woman who will control you in all ways. I am real and I want only real bitches who know the honor it is to serve a real true Mistress. you are the one beneath Me but it is where you want to be. If you serve Me whatever capacity it is you do it all I want and what I expect. Once you know Me you will not be able to see anyone else in your mind but that is the beauty of what you long for. you will do all because you long for more and through that you will gain so much more..being Mine.... SUPREME RULER Mistress Charlyn