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Polybius Poisonheart

Hypnodomination, brainwashing, and sensory fuckery

Do you want to know what it means to be a slave? To truly abandon your thoughts, your emotions, your body...everything that makes you YOU, to another? For starters, I am NOT your friend. I am NOT here because I get off on your supposed "adoration". I've been called Mistress, Goddess, and have heard your paltry professions of love and I see right THROUGH you and KNOW that your words mean as much as a mummer's fart. So no, do not call me with your pathetic member in your hand and pitch me some bullshit speech about how you want my voice to creep through your veins like a shot of heroin while you purr at my feet for the rest of your days. If you wish for me to tolerate you for some time, you better MEAN it, ask me nicely, and your rank as my slave will be determined by your actions, not your words. However, for those who are LEAST thick and brainless and PROVE their worth as my slave, we might just get along in time. It's simple, play by the rules, and I will give you the ride of your life. I am a REAL, certified hypnotist who specializes in synthesia. Oh yeah, that's right, you boys aren't used to big words. Synthesia is when I royally fuck with your senses and cross-wire them 9 ways from Sunday. I've given folks post-hypnotic triggers to get a hard-on every time they drink a glass of water. And the best part is THEY DON'T EVEN REMEMBER HOW IT HAPPENED! Hypnosis is the bees knees! I've had people tasting colors, smelling sounds, forgetting their names, ages and their memories. I've warped the very essence of their realities, causing auditory and visual hallucinations. Re-wiring people's heads is so fun! Hypnosis is my favorite, dangerous toy to play with (aside from my guns). BUT, these are pleasures that you will only have the privilege to enjoy if you DON'T FUCK UP AND BREAK THE RULES. So let's go over some ground rules: 1) Where I live, what I do outside of this website, my age, my height, my weight, my bra size, my hair color, eye color, skin color and so on are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Asking me a personal question is a PRIVILEGE that you will have to EARN. 2) "Fear me, love me, do a I say, and I will be your slave" <- See this? This does NOT FLY HERE. *I* am the Mistress here, you are my slave. Get it through your skull. I don't know what universe you live in where a SLAVE commands their MISTRESS, but in here, things work the other way around. You will NOT be my slave on the condition that I do what you want, wear what you want, say what you want, all when you want it. *I* am in charge here. 3) If you are calling me, you are calling me with the intention to be hypnotized into my slavery, turned into a woman, dominated, or just to get hypno high. If you're thinking about calling me just so I can degrade myself so you can get your rocks off, DON'T. If you disrespect, you WILL be hung up on. There are plenty of other listings here who are willing to get down and dirty. Don't waste my time. As you can see, the path you'll take to being my slave is not the easy one, but nothing worthwhile is easy. Get ready to get re-wired.