Phone Sex

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I'm not going to try to sell this to you, or even passively suggest that my phone sex listing here is superior or give you any type of sales gimic. The truth is I'm a phone sex addicit ,I love it. I can get as real as you can take. I give you this because I love dirty talk and am real good at it. I opened my own line and am 100% real becasue honestly its already a strech to use your mind. If your getting some one who is not listening to you,they're just trying to get paid. But when I'm in the mood to call these lines, which I do myself I want to talk to a person who really understands my urges, and also has them themselves. I want to devour and experience every juicy thought with you, to acutely know your ever reason, and why its driving you mad! then I will tell you exactly why it does the same to me, and why ur desires are effecting me like ripples in a lake, (ur intentions the stone throw). It may only be small wakes that roll to the beach, (ur hot desires reaching my ears over space and time) but the wake eats the shore line, ( ur naughtiness, thoughts, wills, wants, physically touches me for real (I'm the shore ur touching). You call me, show me your willing to pay a little for my knowledge and my tight hot self. and i will give you it all.) Im dirty boy, can be what u want no matter what because I'm willing to listen to what that is ,and I will strive to give it to you. I know what u deserve if you call, (your sexual adept and have evolved past mere physical touch. Sex is best when ur mind is fucked and slowly choked to orgasm! Encourage me and show me physically that men want me,(to be dirty and their play thing). I want you to do dirty things with me, and these thoughts should be encouraged. (sexual oriention, and love etc I don't want.) I want your true thoughts when you climax. Sex as an act of pleasure the origin of eroticism. I want ur soul and ur desires. I want to make ur dreams a reality. deep, self obbessed. my truths will excite and blow you away. corrupt carnal knowledge!!!