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Britney Bond

The BANK of BRITNEY is open for business!

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Let's get right to the point and the reason. You are here.
You love giving cash to Hot Blondes and I'm your favorite Hot Blonde to give it to. My beauty is so intoxicating, you'll do ANYTHING to please Me.

I know why you're here.
You have an addiction to giving your money to Beautiful, Powerful Women.
You need to give your money to Me.
It fills that empty void in you. You NEED to be useful.
You live to be an ATM to Gorgeous Blondes.

It makes you feel alive!

You are weak.

You are addicted to Me. My Long flowing golden Blonde hair, My mesmerizing blue eyes, My fiercely intelligent mind, make you get hard and vulnerable ...

I'm the perfect Voluptuous Blonde Goddess that you must spoil.

You're unbelievably aroused by My Photographs.
You're drunk on My words.

Get weak for Me. Give in to Me. Submit to My power over you.

Repeat this over and over, Britney owns Me, Britney is perfection, Britney has me wrapped around her finger, my function in life is to please Britney, i worship Britney, there is no one else for me, i am an obedient servant to Britney, Britney is my everything, i can't function without Britney, i am worthless unless i am giving money to Britney, i do whatever it takes to get money to give to Britney, i give all of my money to Britney, i live to serve Britney, Britney deserves large amounts of money, i must please Britney. Repeat this mantra while staring at My photographs, sending tribute after tribute, until you are a mindless zombie for Me.

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