Phone Sex

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Here, piggy piggy...PAY UP!

It only takes 3.5 inches to satisfy Me - your credit card!

My name is Kiriel, but you may address Me as Divine Miss K. I will also accept Goddess or Princess.

The best description of Me is "bookish" or maybe "nerdy." You know the naughty librarian who seems prim and proper until you get her behind closed doors and then she turns into an adventurous, passionate vixen? That's Me. The only thing I love more than coffee and a good book is...well, I'll leave that to your imagination.

I'm intelligent, intellectual, and intense. I enjoy things such as classic literature, five-star dining, art, theater and ballet. I'm a huge nerd for things like Star Trek, Doctor Who, and anything by Joss Whedon. I'm also a fangirl for Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. Most of the time, I'm laid-back, but I have a will of steel and I tolerate no BS. I may seem reserved, but don't be fooled...there's boiling lava under My surface.

My sweet, silky voice will entrance you and wrap you in a web of seduction until you are completely addicted to Me. I want your money and you long to give it to Me. I know you're helpless to refuse Me and, really, why would you ever want to resist? Besides, it's not really your money, is it? It's mine. So hand it over.

I've been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for over a decade so I also enjoy a wide variety of other kinky activities ranging from the sensual to the sadistic. I love making you perform for My amusement while I drain your wallet, adding to your humiliation.
Dance, monkey, dance!
I have a particular fondness for:

Orgasm control/denial
Feminization/sissy training
Cuckolding fantasies
Shoe worship
Anal play

I'm also open to other types of play. If you don't see your favorite on My list, feel free to send Me a message and ask. If it will humiliate you, cause you pain, or make you suffer for My amusement, I'll probably love it. I do have some Hard limits - things I will NEVER do under any circumstances. These include:

ANYTHING to do with kids or animals
Body fluids of any kind (toilet, menstruation, etc.)
Blackmail or other illegal acts
Incest including "step" relatives
Rape Fantasies
Age Play/ABDL
Race play

If you contact Me and ask for anything on My list of Hard Limits, I will block you!

I know you long to take your proper place, on your knees at the feet of a naturally dominant woman like Me. Well, now you can! I provide several ways you can serve Me, ranging from sending a simple tribute to buying Me gifts from My wishlist. I even allow you to prove your dedication by adopting My bills so I can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle I deserve.

I'm such a generous Goddess.


Want to show your appreciation of My magnificence? Of course you do. Click on My wishlist button and start spoiling Me.

I've made it easy to send Me your hard-earned cash. Just click a tribute button. Remember - size does matter and bigger is always better.

A true financial slave should desire to spoil Me and make sure I enjoy the luxuries I deserve. By adopting one or more of My bills, you ensure that I have more time and money with which to pamper Myself and pursue My hobbies. I shouldn’t have to slave away in a Corporate cube farm to make ends meet. That’s what you’re for! As one of My most devoted piggies, it’s your responsibility to adopt My monthly bills as your own, even if it means taking extra shifts or getting a second job.

Rent: $650

Utilities: $300

Phone: $60

Internet: $150

Car: $235

Coffee/Tea: $35