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Trixie- Love Hypno Succubus - Long Pointed Nails

Description - I'm just a very Sexually Dominant 20 yr old SUCCUBUS that will very sweetly and indirectly make you ADDICTED to ME! I'll HYPNOTIZE you with a really good begginers INDUCTION that is the easiest to FORCE someone UNDERR for me ;P then I'll IMPLANT SUGGESTIONS into your MIND that I will later make you FORGET :D Because I don't want you to know WHY you are FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME!! Call me! and see how OBSESSED you get over me!! I'm very nice and easy to talk to ;) I also have such DEADLY LONG POINTED SHARP STILETTO NAILS, an I know how to use em ;P Just feels natural being a Succubus.
Training, Certification, Experience - I am Trained In Clinical Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Certified Guided Meditation, and...
Non-Official Training by Experience - Erotic Hypnosis - But have Extensive Experience with it on past boyfriends and I needed to connect to FEED anyway :P Also, I have made people ORGASM soo Loud and HARD he told me it hit him in his face and pillow hehe!
Experience a REAL Succubus - Now another thing I do as being a real Succubus an all, is I can DRAIN and SUCK on your ENERGY to make you feel very weak and make myself feel more powerful (you'll feel I'm more powerful too) If you could see me in person, from doing this - my Pupils get much largers making my eyes look much more intense and you'd feel a presence of powerful energy in the air!! Also On the phone I can easily DRAIN you as well!! Because energy is not bound by distance (something I learned in one of my AP classes ;P) I can Suck on your energy from anywhere as long as you let me connect to you and just.... take you!! Pulling you underr even deeepperr than before YEARNING to SUBMIT to me because you feel a forceful INSTINCT to SUBMIT your self...... One guy was BEGGING me to SUCK HIM DRY!!... so I left him so weak that he couldn't move and could barely talk or stand up for a while... He had to crawl to the bathroom to get a drink of water hehe.
Soo what are you waiting for? Call me now!! So we can talk! and of course let me hypnotize you on the phone or at another phone call.. I don't mind just calling to talk about our likes or experiences first so you can get to know me, I can be quite nice especially if you are shy you have nothing to worry about - I'm good with shy beginers too!