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Goddess Love

Healthy Mind Soul Body, Healing Addictions

Well...It looks like I have found adequate inspiration to be back in the game of phone sex. Really though, it is a new experience all together. I started doing this work about a year and a half ago. Really wanting to work at home, I was destined to make it work. I couldn't get over though, how polluted the sex industry is. It is really very dirty, and full of negativity, sin really. Having this inner battle within, and being on this sexual journey, I feel it is essential to have "purer" sexual experiences. I want to help people become the best they can be. Basically I want to help you uncover sexual fantasies that are blocking you from becoming a more whole person. If you feel that something might be wrong, I want to help bring you down a road of positivity, and safety. You can talk to me about anything, really. When you come on to a phone sex site, you will be plummeted with many cliché types of people trying to offer the same fantasy. Rare do you find someone who is spiritual, and who has an enlightened perspective. The key is to help you build new neural pathways. When we help you build new neural pathways, you will have the opportunity to grow spiritually. You will have the chance to become a better person, with more clarity and a sense of purpose. With the sexual experiences we will experience you will have a chance to come more in tune with who you really are as a person. I want to help you find your true self. Do not let sexual addictions get in the way of your life, your relationships, and your ability to achieve a clearer mind. Let's use sex to help us grow so that we can learn about love, peace, and harmony. Let's learn how to have a deeper awareness within our bodies. I want to be real with you, and I want you to be your self too. I want us to be honest about our secrets, and our personal addictions that we would like to release and transform. Having negative fantasies is a reflection of some part of your psyche that needs to be healed. You will know if it is not a good fantasy if it does not make you feel good. You can also come to me, if you want to help discern whether it is good or bad. Trust me, I have heard it all. I have worked for no taboo companies, and have heard all kinds of fantasies. I have also had my share of uncomfortable fantasies. I feel it is part of my destiny to help heal people sexually. Now, when we chat, we will go through a variety of creative ideas to help confront sexual perversions. We will also go through deep breathing and meditation. Consider me your spiritual therapist, who you get to invest in to help change your mind to become a better you. I am so excited and cannot wait to talk to you. I want to help you focus on higher vibrational sexual fantasies and ways of thinking. We will focus on: 1. Love Fantasies 2. Romance Fantasies 3. Healing Wounds 4. Angel Sex 5. Spiritual Sex 6. Visualization You will gain: 1. Better Relationships 2. Better Confidence 3. Growth as a spiritual being 4. A better connection with your guides and angels This is a new way of thinking and I will soon have a blog so that we can transcend societal sex. We will go down a path of purity, and explore insightful ways to grow. I am also putting together a programs for the devoted spiritualists who want to succeed in there life. Succeed in sex, succeed in life. All things are interconnected. Call me with you confessions, and I will help you find a solution. I will even have assignments, that are going to help you excel. You must trust me though, that these will lead you to a better path. We must clear out all the "junk."