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Think very carefully before you call me, my little ATM Machine. I am only going to take, take, take from you. Can you afford this princess? You'll come crawling to me on all fours because you need me and have no self-control or self-respect. Want to know what it truly feels like to be powerless? Once you have a taste of my greed, you won't stop giving until you've lost it all. So say buhbye your wife, or girlfriend if you're lucky enough to have one, because you'll no longer be able to AFFORD them. With my pretty little manicured hands in your wallet, I'll laugh in your face and show you exactly what I keep you around for. In the end, I'll laugh and relish the final picture of you sitting in the office of your new bankruptcy attorney, wearing a plastic pig nose and trying to explain how you went broke on Princess Monica. And I promise you, you will go broke on this Princess, my dear little pet. My greed knows no bounds and I love the feeling I get from taking you for what you're worth. The sound of your whimpers penetrated by the sweet sound of *cha-ching* is a beautiful symphony of destruction that I will write and direct with great pleasure and frequency. Unlike most girls who are still trying to break out of the trailer park, I actually know about the finer things in life. My student loans alone are several thousand dollars a month, so if you're looking for a manageable addiction then I suggest you seek the attention of a girl less demanding than this Financial Fucktress. I do this because I thoroughly enjoy taking money from useless, little pigs like you that are good for nothing. And as with everything I do in my life, I do it better than anyone else. Now PAY pig, PAY MsMonicaMoans
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