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Therapist Samantha Summers

And How We Play the Paradigm Shift Game. LOOK

Over the past five years, I have made some interesting observations about the culture associated with phone sex. I am an intuitive, CURIOUS, authentic individual who prizes individuality in myself and others. Though it is true that I am highly selective about whom I am intimate with, I do have a strong sex drive. Though I try not be judgemental of others, to be honest, I like anyone else, do make judgements. It's part of the human condition. I do however, attempt to provide context and objectivity regarding my reflections on human behavior. I have led an interesting, unusual life, and life has not always been easy, but I try to learn from my experiences. My house is filled with books, and I enjoy research. I know who I am, what I want, and I know my limits. Seeking sincere connections with intelligent individuals looking to expand their awareness.Shall we talk?

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Are you addicted to financial domination? If so Are you ready for an open and frank discussion about the nature of your addiction?

Glass Full of Potential - By Therapist Summers

My rates are affordable, as I am here to help.
Affordable, Reasonable, and Sincere.
Old scripts running through your head?
Negative scripts placed by those with spurious intent?
The answer is within you. Let's explore all options. I have a solution. Are you ready for help?

It is my belief that I have identified a treatment for your financial addiction fetish. If you want help, this is my advice only listing. This is not a trick. I am truly interested in helping you on the path to freedom. For the most part, the slippery slope of faux therapy and phone sex is for entertainment purposes only That is, if you want actual therapy, go see a traditional therapist. However, I have decoded the reasons why you engage in the folly of financial domination in a purposeless, meaningless fashion.
If you want to indulge a fetish, please contact one of my many listings for sexual pleasure. This listing is solely for the discussion of sexual addictions. I am not here to sell out to your baser desires. This listing is about empowerment. Contact me for a quote. If you're open to treatment, we can analyze together. Please note that my observations regarding the treatment of sexual addictions are my observations based on research, interviews, and contemplation. The condition of treatment includes contractual agreement that the treatment plan is not disclosed. My observations have value, and are not intended to be used by those who want a quick fix, or access to what others have formulated to make a quick buck. The treatment plan has been copyrighted, and any attempts at duplication will result in legal action. It is unfortunate that I must resort to such measures; however experience has proven that it is necessary in order to protect the integrity of the listing and methods used.

I am going to push, shove, and otherwise force you into dealing with the clouded corridors you usually avoid. Teach you how to tap into your creative energy. There is nothing more powerful than your own creative energy and the manifestation of your own ideas.

No more hiding from what you SHOULD be...

No more avoidance of what you COULD be...

And no more conceiling of WHAT YOU WANT TO BE!


But first, there is some work to be done... And I will be overseeing your observance.

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So called Degrading-Sex works for some while empowering and friendly sex works for others. The latter is what works for me. Sure I can role play and say that I am the hooker on the corner or the latex-clad dominatrix in the dungeon, but I, as anyone, do better being who I am: sexy but not slutty. I believe in sexual, emotional, psychological, and physical balance, and seek to empower others when possible. On the flip side, I can be demanding and tough when needed. I look forward to hearing from you, and your own unique version of sexuality. Your life can change,and you can meet that special someone. Give me a call and let's talk. Your soulmate is out there, and with some confidence, self awareness, and an honest assessment of what you're looking for, you can find her. In addition, if you are looking for a little bit of fun along the way, I am ready to play, and have a good time. The argument can be made that a little practice never hurt anyone.


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