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I don't suppose intelligence is a prerequisite for decent phone sex, at least not if we're talking about a fair sized portion of the telespank audience. And that's cool. If what you're looking for is a sexual foley artist who is eager to slurp her way through your orgasm, I am more than happy to oblige. Intelligence isn't required on your side either, though I do prefer guys who can string a word or two, perhaps a clause, perhaps some notion of the object in question, I can run with in. (Remember, enunciation is your friend.)

It's cool if your brain loses some power when all that blood goes to your dick, really, I can hang. But in most cases, the calls I enjoy the most (and usually, this overlaps with the calls where the guy seems to come the hardest, like Jesus, man go get a glass of water and don't operate any heavy machinery for a while) are the ones where there's a mental connection. An expressed desire. An honest curiosity. Maybe even a little conversation about something other than the boner at hand.

Buuuuut, when it comes to role playing everything from a sexy superhero bondage scenario, aliens abduction or shapechanging sexbots, fucking machines or tentacles, futanari dickgirl shenanigans, etc. Do you want to be the Kirk to my Spock? Do you want to be my slave Leia?

Or maybe you have some crazy anime con orgy stories of your own to share?

As long as we stay within Niteflirt's terms of service, it is on like Donkey Kong, buddy. So if you've got something weird (or even just an itch to explore the possibilities while you wank) give me a ring.

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