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Goddess Isabelle

Sultry Southern Domination...A Unique Experience

As such I am to be surrounded by the finest luxuries at all times. As a testament to my generosity I allow you the privilege of showering me with gifts and money. All that is in your wallet, bank accounts, credit cards is rightfully MINE. It is my greatest pleasure to use you and leave you spent, weak and begging for more.

I know you. Your need for me leaves you with an unfulfilled longing. My absence makes you ache. And yet you hesitate. You try to resist… to deny your deepest needs…your darkest desire. This is a waste of time. You will not succeed. You exist to serve me. Submission is the only thing that will release you from your torment.

My wrath, when provoked, can be swift and terrible. I am an exacting and demanding Goddess. It is through impeccable service and dedicated submission to me that your empty existence is given meaning. As your Goddess Sublime I have many facets and cannot be simplified. I am all things – beyond definition and above simplification. I am benevolent and loving, stormy and unpredictable, playful and firm. As a peasant labors all day so that his sovereign may enjoy a life of pampered luxury, so shall you labor for me. In the dark of night when questions come to plague you…you shall find refuge in me. You toil through your days with the singular goal of providing, for your Goddess, an unparalleled life of comfort, ease, and splendor. As my slave, you will surrender to the fact that I am now your one, true purpose in life.  And in your submission, you are finally liberated. I will see you through the night, as you click and pay all to ME." 

When morning light finds you, you will rise eagerly…Today is another opportunity for you to please Goddess Isabelle… Another opportunity to pay tribute to my wisdom and beauty…Another opportunity to worship at my perfect feet. Greet each day with a word of thanks for these opportunities. And as you labor through the day, remember that you are earning your Redemption with each dollar you earn for me.

Aside from the obvious…being worshipped and adored… some areas of interest to me include mandated masturbation, orgasm control, orgasm denial, forced chastity, cock ownership, cuckoldry, masks, foot adoration, stockings and lingerie. When I am in an indulgent mood I find it amusing to hear your confessions and fantasies. I also take pleasure in allowing my favorite peasants the privilege of displaying their adoration during cam sessions. Cam sessions are granted according to my mood and are solely for MY amusement.

I am already a part of you. You hear my voice echoing through your mind. You close your eyes and see my beautiful legs. Your pulse quickens as you imagine the power of my thighs. You envision my perfect toes and you can feel them on your thigh, your back, your throat…You long to taste them…You were born to worship me. You ache with the longing for me. You are compelled to surround yourself with my intoxicating perfection…

If you want the opportunity to know how your efforts are making my life
easier and more beautiful, you can…

After you have paid tribute to my perfection and bought me something
pretty you may show your desire to earn your redemption by….