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Goddess Petra

Exquisite Financial Exploitation | Goddess Worship

I am Goddess Petra. I am the ultimate in sexy. I am deliciously sweet. And I am greedy beyond belief. ​ ​ I command it all, and you are going to give it to me. You understand you were born to be my servant, to work for me, to please me, and to give me what I want, when I want it. I was born a Goddess. I was created to be pampered, to have my every wish and desire fulfilled, and to happily take your tributes and spend them on my beautiful self in all of the luxurious ways that I desire. Meanwhile, you will be suffering your desires for me and working even harder to give me MORE. Do you understand you are so lucky that I have provided for you a reason to wake, to live, to work and toil? What would you do without me? You have no other place in the world other than to serve ME. You may be worthless in the grand scheme of things, but I am willing to offer you a chance to make yourself minimally useful. You will feel so good worshiping me, working for me, providing for me. You will feel so lucky to pay for my needs, my desires, knowing they are being held in my hands, used in my castle. The harder you work, the more you tribute to your queen, the more likely I am to show you a glimpse of mercy.​ Not every boy that begs to be my slave will be offered a contract of trust. You have to work hard to prove to me you understand your place in MY empire. You are undeserving of the money and luxury that I delight in every day. I not only deserve to have what you think is yours, it was mine before you even acquired it. You were created to be my minion, to worship me as you do. But are you worthy? I highly doubt it. Show me your devotion, and you will be rewarded. Displease me, irritate me, or annoy me in any way and you will be taxed heavily for your disobedience. If you are looking for a crass brat to take your money, you are in the wrong place. I am a GODDESS, and I behave accordingly. I expect you to bow down to me, worship me, and tribute me as you are told. The mere fact that I have to TELL you to tribute your Queen Goddess proves to me that you are unworthy of anything else. But in the meantime, I gain a sadistic pleasure from hearing of your pleasures, and teasing you into dumbfounded submission. I love to laugh at one of my court jesters, and delight in watching you frolic around in your pretty dresses or brand yourself with my royal name. If you wish to have a reason to live, to breathe, tribute me now. If you wish me to give your life meaning and purpose, tribute me NOW. Prove to me that you can abide by your new glorious rules for life. ​