Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Want to talk to a real goddess? I suppose I might let you-- but it'll cost you.

Introduce yourself by sending a short message with a tribute attached. It's one sure way to get my attention.

Knowledgeable in Philosophy, Physics, Religion, Biology, Literature. . . I'm a renaissance girl ready to blow your mind with deep questions and insightful observations. I'm young, beautiful, smart, and deserve your money more than you.

I took a short stint in a massage parlor, so I'm used to having men naked and helpless on the table. I rubbed them down, oiled them up, pulled their heads back by their hair, and stroke and stroke but not let them cum.

Once, a man brought in a condom, and offended at the implication I slipped it on my finger and stuck it in his ass. Surprisingly to me, I loved it. Even though he was embarrassed, his pathetic ass came right away.

I wish I'd done more

Given the chance now, I would squat on their faces, make them wear panties, get a nice, big dildo, and invite the other girls in to watch.

I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?

I know you want me. With my big eyes, full lips, olive skin, and long wavy brown hair.

You wish you could see me, talk to me, make me laugh, wine and dine me. You wish you could be graced with my presence. You crave my intellect and good humor. But you are not worthy.

You're not even worthy of my respect. But you can have the privilege of paying for my dates.

That's right, you're so pathetic that you have to live vicariously through one of my girlfriends or lovers. You'll pay for the experience you wish you had. Exotic food, fine wine, a night at the theater-- you're providing it all. And I'm not taking you home after.

What kind of experience do you want to provide me?

Send me a tribute in the correct amount, saying what activity you're paying for, and after I have the time of my life, you can either call me to hear about my night or I'll send you a message detailing the wonderful time I had.

  • A coffee date, sweets and pastries included-- $30
  • A subdued dinner with one of my girls-- $100
  • Dinner and drinks with one of my girls-- $200
  • Drinks in a dive bar with my lover-- $100
  • A romantic dinner with wine-- $300
  • A night at the Theater with dinner-- $400
  • Drinks, dinner, a raunchy burlesque show, and sex toys for after-- $500

What are you waiting for?

Stop sitting there, playing with your worthless penis, and get your credit card.

You want to just give me your credit card number and have it be over, but I won't let you get off that easy. Try to give me that information, and I will talk over you. I don't want it. I want you to choose your tribute yourself, and lovingly send it to me.

How much do you make? You know you can afford to give me more.

Send me a message including a tribute telling me what you wish I would do your disgusting self. I'm waiting.