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Goddess Amiee


This is a Sensual Brat Domina with cam line NOT woman home alone and horny line.
DO NOT call me thinking that I will masturbate for you. This is the wrong listing for that

IMPORTANT!!!!! ADD me on skype and MESSAGE me on skype BEFORE calling so that I can be prepared for our session instead of wasting time trying to add each other mid call.

My name is Goddess Amiee (pronounced as Ah - me) but you can call me Goddess, after all everyone else does.

I have been in the adult fetish industry since 2011 and not only do cam sessions but create femdom and fetish porn content for my clip studios

Through all the years I have been doing this and all the fetishes that I have explored I find that I quite enjoy using and playing with you beta male creatures for my own amusement and gain.
Now do not let my charming personality fool you, you are nothing more than a toy in my toy box.
And like all toys some are liked more than others.

Want to know how to become one of my favorite toys?
It is quite simple just remember this-
"Follow directions, put me before anyone else in your life (yes that means before you or your pathetic family) and be prepared to give it all $$"
After all that is what you were put on this earth for TO PLEASE ME!
So shut up, bow down and fork over your wallet and your very soul because seriously would a girl like me honestly even give you the time of day otherwise?
Hell NO You are just a sad pathetic little worm and your only redeeming quality is your money. And remember its not always about the money sometimes I just need to see you beaten down, humiliated and used the money just makes it that much sweeter.

If you want my attention you will have to pay for it.

This is a list of just a few of the many ways that I enjoy using you worms.

- Cock and Ball Torture (mild to extreme) -
- Intox Fun - - - Tease -
- Strap on - - - Small Penis Humiliation -
- Humiliation - - - Cum Eating Instruction -
- Cuckolding - - - Financial Domination -
- Coerced Bi - - - Fur Fetish -
- Foot fetish - - - Leg fetish -
- Goddess Worship / Religious Blasphemy -

And many more....