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Thank you for stopping by my page. I’ve been doing Niteflirt for several years, and I’ve learned a lot about guys, myself, and how we can both have a great time. A little about me, I am a real life, very dirty, 31 year old MILF. You will always get me when you call, not some new girl. However, I can do a couple different looks since I've gotten into wigs. I tend to get along best with people who have really kinky fetishes, older men, and people who want the unusual. I’m not a great mutual masturbation girl. There are lots of girls that do this, but I don’t ever want to fake an orgasm, I’d prefer to be so turned on I can’t help but have one. I enjoy learning about you, and your kinks, and proclivities. I do my best to remember my callers, you’ll have to forgive me if we don’t talk for months and I forget some things. The more you call, and the more honest, and open you are the better our relationship will get. There's no reason to be shy, and you can always email me and ask about something you want to do, I will respond.

If you watch any of my videos below you'll see how much I enjoy all kinds of sexual play. I really do get into it, and this isn't a "job" for me, it's my greatest pleasure turned into something hot and out of control. If you’ll take a few moments to read over my profile it will help create the best call possible. this $0.25 video about my likes, and how we can have the best time possible!

A VERY SHORT list of real life play I've done would include...

  • Watching you show off for me!
  • Talking about my real life slut experiences.
  • Feminization & Cross Dressing
  • D/s (both ways, but I'm WAY more Dominant)
  • Talking about the dirty things you've done, or wish you could do!
  • Smoking
  • CBT
  • Small Penis Humiliation
  • Wearing costumes and outfits that get you off!
  • Making Guys Cum HARD!
  • Being a Cuckoldress (which I do in real life)
  • Getting Gangbanged (also something I have done)
  • Financial Domination
  • Tease and Denial
  • Being your dirty SLUT and letting you direct the action.

  • There's not enough room here to list all of my real life experiences, but I'm always open to almost any kink, so just email and ask. If you want to see me in something sexy I will change before I get on cam so we aren't wasting your minutes!

    I'm 5'9", 125 lbs, 36D.

    Now I do have a life outside of NiteFlirt, so I don't sit at my computer all day. If my listing is on I am taking calls. You can always message me anytime. I may not be on Skype if you have a question, but an email through NiteFlirt will come to my phone, and I like to answer very quickly. I will say upfront that being able to write a complete sentence, and not use B, @, 4, etc. in place of words means a lot to me, and I don't play with rude or pushy people anymore, I've learned to be more selective.

    I look forward to playtime with you!


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