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Therapist Samantha Summers

Exploration of your Sexual Fetishes (+230 Goodies)

The Cuckolding Conundrum

It is my understanding that many of you would like your significant other to engage in cuckolding behaviors. In the most pure sense, the average woman cuckolds men on one level or another throughout her life..While a professional Cuckoldress or Mistress is skilled in the art of cuckoldry, often elevating her craft to an art form, many men seek a different approach.
Furthermore, it has been my experience that the great majority of callers are most aroused when they recall a time in their past in which a woman cheated on them or left them for a more desirable male.In such cases, the woman did not call herself a Cuckoldress,indeed probably had never heard of the term, and was merely doing what came naturally.
While some may prefer exacting criteria while applying a proper definition to cuckolding, I would submit that cuckolding is a diverse and complex aspect of human sexuality, perhaps most arousing when unexpected and unplanned.

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Cuckoldry, as with all fetishes, is broad & diverse with a vast spectrum; Ponderers, Observers, Participators, "Pussy-Prepping", "Penis-Prepping", and other Cuckolding categories. Come discover, understand, and enjoy which form you fall into.

My latest Release:

(Updated on: June 13th, 2016)

DESCRIPTION: The "Cuckold Tree" is a unique & interactive PTV involving numerous unique pathways along this 4 story Tree spanning over 30 sections! Over 20 Erotic pics (being Hardcore, Humiliating, or both). This is quite the unique interactive erotic activity for anyone interested in Cuckolding on any level (if I do say so myself, that is). Not only does it have numerous possibilities as you participate, with different questions, observations, actions & images depending on your previous choices, but it also has quite a level of replayability, which is encouraged so that you may see all which may have occurred (and learn about the where those other branches go and what they lead to); in addition to thus gaining all it has to offer!
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When it comes to the Bisexual side of the Cuckolding spectrum, and Bisexual issues in general, it is time to see just how deep you are into bisexuality; how far you will go with your latent homosexual desires. It is time for you to enter my office again, but this time for a new kind of examination.
Over 15 Minute MP3 about Cuckolds:
Hypnotic Cock-Sucking MP3 & More:
I will perform new tests on you with the aid of my young, intelligent, well-endowed male colleague, and record & analyze your reactions & behavior. How will you React to a deep, male voice? Speak with my exclusive Cucker and find out.
Cuckold Fantasies become Reality:
Going Gay the Samantha Summers Way:
Also very knowledgeable of human sexual behavior and Paraphilia (fetishes), my colleague is here to help me with the analysis of your sexuality. Together, we shall explore the depths of your inner shadows, shinning the light on those desires which you have long kept locked within you.
Cuckolding Captioned Photos (set #1):
Cuckolding Captioned Photos (set #2):
Whether you are a Cuckold, Bi-curious or just want to understand more about yourself, we are here to help. Let's go on a journey of Psychosexual Pleasures which you had never deemed possible.
Cuckolding Erotic Story #1:
Cuckolding Erotic Story #2:
If you're Bicurious or Bisexual (but have never had male-male sexual contact) and need a firm push to get you up the proverbial ladder, I have what you need:
Forced-Bi Blackmail Contract:

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