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Therapist Samantha Summers

Analysis: 10 Years Experience; Intake Evaluations.

It's time to end those internal conflicts...
You & that other you are going to compromise.
"Bringing Balance to Mind, Body, Soul & Sex"
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Some of my Special Services Include:

  • Individual Roleplaying Erotica
  • Generalized or Specialized Discussion
  • Sexual Orientation Counseling
  • Psycho-Sexual Transformation
  • Lifestyle-Cuckolding Advice
  • Pro or Counter-Humiliation
  • FinDom Sex-Addiction Aid
  • Therapeutic Blackmail
  • Eroticized Exposure
  • And many more...

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." -Carl Gustav Jung

Sexuality is not only a part of life, it is the most diverse & complex aspect of living. No matter how "dirty" & "visceral" it is, sex is a beautiful Psychological & Biological wonder. Due to its complexity, sexuality can often be confusing; but beneath the apparent maze & tangles lies a logical & structured network of past experiences, innate psychosexual yearnings, and road-maps of thoughts. I can help you make sense of what seems like a sexual Monkey-knot in your lap; making every corner & current of your sex-life clear & understood. A sex-life without question-marks allows for the complete pleasurable experience that sexuality was meant to give onto everyone.
(There are areas of sexuality which are worries instead of wonders, such as Sex-Addictions; where one's sexuality is intrusive or destructive to other fields of their life. I am likewise knowledgeable in these realms of Sexuality, and I can help you achieve a balanced & enjoyable sex-life.)
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Hello there Gentlemen; I am Samantha. I sincerely enjoy helping others. I see myself as pretty, classy and sweet; I do however, have a kinky side that I keep well hidden from most of my friends and family. I am a private individual, and while I am not ashamed of my sexuality, I prefer to keep my private life just that; private. I have a background in psychology, and I have worked in the field for most of my professional life in one capacity or another.
Sexual therapy takes time, and as we incrementally work through your sexual psyche, you will undoubtedly feel moments of extreme passion, eroticism, and there will be moments when you give in to your fetishes and desires. If this happens, and it will, do not worry, it is all part of the therapeutic process, and we will simply get you back on the path to a healthy and productive sex life. Sexuality should be fun, erotic, and invoke an overall positive experience. I have found that when individuals lack balance; that is they engage in a sexual fetish to the extent that they ignore other important aspects of their lives, that imbalance leads to a fundamental sense of unease, self-loathing, and often, a prevailing sense of hopelessness.

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Mostly lost from today's society, Sex and Sophistication go hand-in-hand. Elegance, sensuality and subtleness; they are the aspects of sexuality on the verge of extinction. Sex doesn't have to be just me screaming that I am a whore or whatever; it can be sweet and sublime.
I believe in Sexual, Emotional, Psychological, and Physical balance; seeking to empower others when possible. I want to note that I comply with Niteflirt's Terms of Service. There are fetishes that are taboo, and I won't discuss things prohibited via Niteflirt.

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