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Goddess Blackmail


Okay so you’ve come to my listing looking for forced intoxication. Well that’s all fine and dandy but let’s lay down the rules shall we. If you call my forced intox line then this means you will get drunk, what it doesn’t mean is to call me once you're already drunk. When calling me on this line you will be sober, you will have your booze of choice handy and ready, you will have a shot glass, and you will do what ever I tell you to do till you are drunk off your ass. During this call you will naturally tell me all your secrets, all the perverted things you want no one to know. This will make your night of being a drunken fool a bad thing for you but oh such a wonderful thing for ME. I will hold all the things you have kept safe from others and you will be sitting there the morning after scared and panicking wondering when I will ruin your pathetic ass and expose your dirty secrets. Word to the wise; there is only one way to keep me from shattering your worthless life, and that is showering your Goddess with the one thing I love the most; MONEY. Now if you’re sure you can follow my rules then by all means get ready to be plastered. Oh and if you’re brave enough we can step this up a notch and your sad sniffling ass can get on cam and drink, drink and perform for your lovely Goddess. And be for warned that at any time during your drunken besotted state I may decide to play the raise the rate game. Oooh that sounds like so much fun I actually felt a shiver of excitement. Now let’s get ready to slam those shot glasses back till your drunken ass is lying on the floor with out a clue of how you got there. IMPORTANT: THIS IS A FORCED INTOXICATION LINE, NOT A PHONE SEX LINE! YOU CAN CUM BUT I WON’T.