Phone Sex

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Right now, I'm strutting around my bedroom. When you call I will sit on my vanity stool, my ankles crossed, mini skirt pulled up a bit, letting most of my thighs show.

My voice low, husky, full of sexual excitement I will ask you, "Do you want to touch them?" This is it, make or break. I am giving you the opportunity to do what your fetish-driven brain wanted.

I can tell that when you stare at my feet and then my face, then I can see he was trembling with passion. There is a stain in his pants from the leakage of his throbbing cock. I want you to fall on your knees, put a hand on my shoes, lift one of my feet and caress the shoe.

Run your fingers over it lightly, almost as if you are memorizing it.

I can put my chocolate foot near your face. I looked into his eyes as I told him, "You can kiss and lick it. I like that."

Kiss my exposed foot. And then he held the shoe to his cheek. His fingers caressed the shoe and my foot and then he put the toe of the shoe in his mouth and sucked on it.

Moan, kiss and lick my entire shoe and foot, suck on it, I then press my foot more firmly against your cock, stroking it as you love my foot.

Call me and I'll tell you what happened next.