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Dr Susan

* Sex therapy*ask anything*

Everyone needs a sex therapist, someone they can confide in and tell their fetishes and fantasies to. I am a real PHD sex therapist. Intellectual conversationalist! I love to study human sexuality and talk about sex, relationships, and fetishes. I am a good listener I give great advice to any situation. From A to Z! From dating to fetishes* I can explore your fetishes and improve your real sex life with your gf or wife*I teach you about Dom /sub relations. I am easy to talk to but a bit of a Dom too. I do get turned on by erotic stories, but I am not here to get you off I am here to discuss listen and give advice. I love hearing cuckolding, sub, sissy maid, office affair, cross dressing stories and lifestyles. I am an expert date coach I can help you in any situation get the girl you want and need. So many decent single guys out there don’t know how to pick up and keep real women, especially on here. I can better your relationship with your Dom so many subs aren’t true subs, I can better your sex life in general and your relationships. I can answer confusing questions about obsessions with fetishes or people such as financial domination or fetishes you can’t get out of your head but can’t tell anyone. I am here to help and listen not judge. I am smart, fun, playful, and sexy. I do yahoo cam analysis of your size questions and performance as well as send sexy pics. I am genuine and real. I offer really good advice in multifaceted areas with human sexuality. Call and get established as one of my clients. Looking forward to your calls! Thanks * Dr. Susan* I am a sex therapist and I do extensive sub/Dom analysis. I will tell you if you are a real sub or not and where your place is based on size and temperament. I improve Sub/Dom relations. Tell me about your Dom, I also teach subs how to be a Dom in certain situations to get the girl or improve their sex life with their wife. sometimes you have to go into a Dom state to get what you want and turn things around. Looking forward to your call.