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IGNORED! by a blonde, blue eyed, swedish beauty

Hi there loser. ;) This is My hard core IGNORE line for all of you losers that doesn't deserve any of My attention and all of you desperate freak losers who drool at My pictures all day but are too chicken-shit to talk to Me over the phone.

I'm a sweet, blonde, kinky, controlling Swedish Princess with an exotic accent. I'm that playfully cruel, high class girl who's the star of all your wet dreams and fantasies.

This is where I will USE you and drain your pathetic wallet and credit card without so much as talking to you loser. I will just go on about my day, work, talk to my hot boyfriend and girlfriends, talk on the phone, go shopping, clubbing and pretend that you're not even there.. Because you know just as well as I do how undeserving you are! You don't deserve my attention!

And you want to know the funny part? You wont even understand what I'm saying! I'm swedish and I will not speak english just to make you happy. Why should I? You mean NOTHING to me.

If you're very lucky you happen to call me when I'm in the right mood for a chat and then I will give you some attention, lol but don't get your hopes up fucktard. You can just sit there wank your little wille and fantasize about how perfect and hot I am in my blond hair, deep blue eyes and nice toned body..

So wanker, you know what you have to do. Put your big girl panties on, and get up the nerve to call me!

XoXo Princess Nyxis