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Princess Sarah

----WARNING! SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION----I'm gorgeous. I'm the beautiful artistic girl from your high school. I may be new to NiteFlirt, but I can laugh at you while you tell me about your day, while you tell me about your fantasies, while you list the things you'd like to do to me, because fuck if I'd let you, you fucking weirdo. I'm expensive because fuck if I'd do this for any less. I'm Sarah. Good at listening, amazing at laughing. I can be somewhat insensitive, and I find most things funny. 

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I think you're hilarious! But I bring something new to the table. While most princesses are predominantly cruel, I can be kind. Sometimes I like to hear about your day and how you think things are going in your life. And then again, I might laugh at you. It's hard to say. I'm not trying to be mean, but you might be super hilarious to me. I think lots of things are funny, and I'm not about to hold back. 

Pay for my expensive bath soap-$110
My journal entry about my boyfriend going down on me. He loves it!
Pay for my shopping spree- $400
Give me money, Loser!
Pay for me to go skiing-$200
Pay for my car payment-$300
My journal entry about how I like my boyfriend to fuck me, what I'll never let you do