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The Fetish Academy

Things that happen in captivity..Stay in captivity

Who knows what could happen when a horny, naive submissive male stumbles into the lair. Sometimes they find their way in, but cannot find their way out. So many things to discuss in great detail. While you are captive, you will become my primary entertainment, and also my human guinea pig. Imagine being held for days on end. You won't know where you are. Lights above are bright and sounds echo through the chamber. Heels click. You're tied down. A female voice. How did you get yourself into this!?!

Story Possibility #1:

You wake to find yourself strapped to what appears to be an examination table. The table is steel and cold against your bare skin. The lights above blind you at first, and your vision is blurry as you try to focus and take in your surroundings. You seem to be in some sort of exam room and there are countless devices and implements on the walls and instrument carts surrounding the table you are bound to. Fear starts to creep it's way up your spine.

"Where am I? How did I get here?" You ask yourself. You feel weak and dizzy. Your muscles feel loose and uncoordinated.

Images from the previous evening start flooding back. You were checked into a nice hotel on a business trip and wandered down to the hotel bar for a late night cocktail. A beautiful woman with long auburn hair sat across the bar by herself, and you offered her a drink. She had this wicked little twinkle in her eyes like she knew something that you did not. After a few drinks, you went to the restroom, leaving your half finished drink on the bartop. When you returned from the restroom, you nervously sipped your beverage as your lovely companion smiled sweetly, almost willing you to drink more quickly. "Finish your drink, the next round is on me," she said as she gulped down the last bit of her own beverage. You did not want to be rude to this mysterious lady, so you downed the rest of your drink without complaint. By the time the next round arrived, you started feeling very dizzy. That's the last memory of the evening.

"Was I in a car accident?" you wonder, but then as your eyes begin to improve in focus, you realize that mixed in with traditional medical devices, there are sinister looking leather implements that one might find in sex shops. You look above and notice security cameras and an intercom system speaker box. The panic starts to set in.

Over the loud speaker, a familiar voice. "So nice of you to join us again." The voice is that of the woman from the bar the previous night. "I will be down momentarily to go over your file with you. Last night you were so forthcoming about your sexual history, and so willing to sign any and every form placed before you. As agreed upon, we will begin the Program today."

Panic sets in. You struggle against the restraints, realizing that you are about to get so much more than you bargained for. The sound of high heels clicking echoes down the hall, and gets louder as someone approaches the room in which you are held captive.

Your life will never be the same.

Human Ashtray, Worship, ATM Be my Piggy Bank, BDSM, Fetish, Ball-busting, Biting, Extreme Bondage, Pyschological play, Confessing your sins, Boot and Heel Worship, Brainwashing, Branding, Breath Control, Chastity, CB2000 and cb 3000, Tens Unit, Electroplay, Caging, Caning, Orchiect, CBT, CFNM (clothed woman, naked man), Chastity-Training, Cock control, Mind Control, Collaring, Training you to eat your own cum or someone else's, Dildos to prep you for the real thing, Discipline-Domestic Service, Edge Play, Ethnic Play, Extended Bondage and Caging, Female Supremacy, Fetishism, Fire Play, Financial Domination, Flogging, Forced Feminization, Wolford stockings, vintage stockings, girdles, vintage lingerie, panthose, objectification, sleepytime, Forced bi, Forced cocksucking, Forced Masturbation, Foot Worship, Glory Holes, Humiliation, Human Furniture, Ice Play, Interrogations, Kidnapping, Key Holding, Captivity, Torture, Scalpels, Dental Torture, Anesthesia, Knife Play, Latex & Leather Worship, Leg Worship, Catsuits, Leather Gloves, Custom made clothing, full time servitude, capture, being made into a woman, Long nail fetish, Medical Play, Mind Control, Mummification, Needle Play, Nipple torture, Novice, Orgasm control, Panty Fetish, Dumpster, Pantyhose, Public Humiliation, Racial Play, Religious Play, Roleplay, Sensation Play, Sensory Deprivation, Servant play, Shoe Worship, Shaving, Sissy Training, Shopping Trips, Slapping, Slavery, Slave training, Smoking, Spanking, Strap-on, Suffocation, Superhero play, Tease and Denial, Tickling, Total Power Exchange, Training, Velvet Kicks, Violet Wands, Wax Play, Whipping, cigar smoking, psychiatric restraints, straight jackets, telling me all your sins.

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