Phone Sex

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Have you been a bad boy? Now bend over

Being PUNISHED by a beautiful, aggressive, DOMINANT Woman! Being put in your place and being made to feel so small.

Who better to do it than a real live MISTRESS?

I am skilled in PADDLING, CANING, FLAGELLATION, WHIPPING, & THE USE OF CROPS...but what I love MOST is.....mmmmm, you guessed it....SPANKING!!
Bare hand, otk, paddle, hair brush, hangers, shoes, whatever is in My reach!!

We can play any role so long as Im the one dishing out the pain. Teacher, I will bend you over your own desk and lay it on you with My shiny wooden ruler. Librarian, you've been noisy and now I'll show you just how noisy you can BE, once I lock the doors. Police Lady, let Me search you.. hands on the vehicle and dont you fucking move, now wheres that billy club? I can be the Lady down the street or even your Female boss and I need to teach you how to respect Women, the good old fashioned way.

Smacking your little white bum until it turns bright pink brings Me so much pleasure as a Sadist. I dont stop there...once youre warmed up is when I'll really let you have it hahaaa. I love to hear you whimper and whine. I can even use My live in slave as a whipping boy just so Wwe can have some great sound effects.. if you like that sort of thing. Call Me and confess what youve done. I will decide just how you shall be DISCIPLINED.