Phone Sex

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Financial/Brain Drain, Blackmail

Welcome, slave.

You know, sometimes I wonder what happened in your life to make you so pathetic-- what course of sad, sad events brought you here to be my little paypig? I wonder for a minute, and then I realize, I DON'T CARE!

You're here now, and that's all that matters. From now on, I'm all that matters. Bills to pay? I don't care-- everything you have now belongs to Me, and it feels SO GOOD to admit that, doesn't it? You give everything up to Me because you LOVE IT, because you know that the full measure of your worth and your happiness is represented solely by the dollar amount you contribute to keeping perfect Princesses like Me in the lap of luxury like I deserve.

I'm your only satisfaction now, and you'll never have enough. You beg to turn over your last cent to Me, and I can only laugh. But how could I NOT? Look at yourself, and look at ME. What are you good for? You want to show Me, you're so desperate to prove yourself, and once you start, you'll NEVER be able to stop because I will NEVER let you go. My power over your pathetic existence is absolute. You belong to Me. Even if I tell you to go away, to never call Me again because I have other, more obedient pigs than you, you'll beg Me to take you back. You'll beg Me to take you for every cent in your bank account and leave you desolate, desperate, and drowning in the ecstasy of your own SHAME.

But you LOVE IT, because you know it's EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESERVE. You know it, I know it, and if you don't bow down and pay up, I'll make sure that EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS IT TOO. It's MY WORLD and MY WALLET, and you're just here to amuse Me. So get to work, slave. You've always wanted this, and today I'm feeling generous enough to put you on the hook and watch you squirm.