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Welcome to my Play Pen

I grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I worked in a sports medicine clinic until I caused a minor scandal with one of our high profile clients. He moved me to a small ranch in Redmond to keep me out of trouble. He hoped that by giving me a little independence I would learn to stand on my own two feet and find my niche in life. To tell you the truth I don't think this is what he had in mind for me, but I did find my niche.

The first thing I did was find a wealthy engineer to start paying the bills. He was a fairly large man; 6' 1", heavy framed; 230+ lbs, dark hair on a balding head, and round faced. Affable as hell, if you catch my meaning, but not cutting a swath through the secretarial pool based on his looks. It helped my cause that he was married and madly in love with is wife. It's not fair to say I used him, but it's not exactly a lie either, we used each other.

He introduced me to all the right people in Redmond, praising my virtues to anyone who would listen. In turn I was pleasant, educated company that he found easy on the eyes. My bills were paid and he was satisfied. I was discreet and far less scandalous than a paid companion. As with all good things our relationship ended after two and a half years when he felt compelled to confess to his lovely wife. He left me in good hands with a new sugar daddy to take his place.

Now my new sugar daddy is a nice enough guy. He works hard for the money he spends on me but sometimes he is forgetful. Sometimes it's two or three days between visits from the UPS guy or when the flowers he sends on Monday start to wilt on Friday because they haven't been freshened up on Wednesday. Once he even let my credit card hit its limit. I spend more time talking to his personal assistant than I do him sometimes.

I spend a big part of my day indulging myself in my favorite activities; shopping, taking photographs, having lunch with my girlfriends, and adding to arsenal of sensual skills. Recently I took up belly dancing to keep me tight and fit. I attend classes 3 mornings a week, right after my run. I would love to show you my moves.

I spend the rest of my days talking with gentlemen, like you, who want to make my life easier through financial contributions and other gifts. In exchange, I offer intellectually stimulating conversation on a range of topics, scintillating correspondence and erotic images.