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Relevant Chick

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Relevant Chick's "Origin Story" & Evolution: FemDomme Spoiled GFE

Hi, I'm Mandy. Who are you? Pleasure to meet you complete with the manners etc.

My identity on Niteflirt started out with the vision of being the most honest version of myself possible by phone. I've never seen the value of becoming a character when the reality of the situation is a more fulfilling experience. There is so much ground to cover in knowing a person that this thing we're sharing doesn't need to become an elaborate work of fiction.

I deemed myself "Relevant" because I am a news junkie, a political fetishist, a fitness fanatic and a heroin addict. Just kidding on that last one; if we've talked for years you know the quirky sense of humor. I love to laugh, by the way- I've shared many belly laughs with the fantastic men here on Niteflirt over the years.

My "persona" evolved of course because I've evolved from that initial vision. I found a calling of sorts in femdomme erotic hypnosis and mind control because it parallells my other work teaching yoga & meditation. I've experimented so much more in finding my own real time sexuality that its happily bled into phone time. I have been in an on off cuckolding relationship for years, I have done real time femdomme work, and I've just PLAYED. Happy to compare notes if you're interested.

I recognize that this is a site superficially devoted to sex, but the magic of the phone is that once you get past that you have the ability to form a deep and lasting connection with someone. This listing is devoted to that experience, and getting back to Relevant Chick's origins.

The About Me Leading To About You:

I find steroids fascinating, and the phrase "origin story" isn't accidental.

Nature fuels my soul. I am biker, a hiker, and dying to get into camping. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, how can I not be.

I am a crunchy vegetarian these days, but I might pay you $2.49 a minute to eat a good rare steak for me with GRAPHIC description. I might even tip.

I am a terrible cook but still trying... if you want to send me love I am saving for the good stuff on amazon.

The list is endless as is yours. Let's get back to the roots and get in the nitty gritty of eachother's minds and lives- looking forward to it.