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Place For you Little Ones to Assemble At My Feet

Feel the Power of My Feet. This is the place where you are going to come and worship my Size 10.5 Perfect Feet.

When you are here you will let your mind and your Wallets go and feel brain dead and helpless as you stare at these puppies. Think about everything that my feet can do for you. How they can possess everything you own. You dream about kneeling before them and giving your life up to them. They are your dream come true. They will become your everything. You will need them to get by in your life. They will be the first and only thing that is on your mind day in and day out. You will soon go to work for my feet. My Perfect Size 10.5 will overtake your life, get inside of your head. At first all you will think about is sticking money between my sweaty toes. It will start with 1 Dollar Bills. That will not be enough for you. You will feel the need to start putting 5 dollar bills between my muscle feet. Think about all that weight I push with my feet. All the walking that I do in them. How I walk around barefoot at the pool.... Soon those 5 Dollar Bills will become your paycheck and you will give all to them.

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