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Lifestyle Domina Female Supremacist &R/T Owner

Bow down bitch. I am ThaGoddessMariyah and you may actually have the blessed opportunity to speak to Me right now. Call to learn about My 24/7 BDSM lifestyle, My cam sessions, My pro sessions or just to talk. Listen to My hypnotic sultry voice as I command you through the phone lines.
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Mmm I'm so powerful I can dominate you from miles away. YOU WILL be Mine, boy. YOU WILL follow what I SAY. YOU WILL beg before you have permission to do ANYTHING you fucking worm. I am a highly skilled trained Mistress and Owner of real time slaves. I know just how to get a naughty little BOY like you to do just what I want!
I am a Female supremacist and I believe all males should suffer and bow down to Gorgeous Women of the world! It is Our time to reign and YOU WILL help pave the way. By offering your servitude and worship! Won't you? I am skilled on mostly any fetish and enjoy all types of Bdsm play. I have beautiful feet.. maybe if you're a good boy I'll send a few pics, but pathetic little shits like you have to pay, of course. My favorite is degrading and humiliating you because of your lowly dependent position. Under My feet and control is just where you belong little pig.
~inbox message Me for FREE anytime if you have any questions~ I love to tease you dirty little mutts over cam or phone haha. Hearing you moan and pant like a dog as I laugh smoking My cigarette making you feel just how much you barely even exist in MY world. I like orgasm control so I'll work you right up to the edge and demand you to STOP as I laugh at your suffering just long enough before I work you to the edge again. Oh, you BETTER NOT cum either! you need MY permission to do that you horny slut! you dont want to earn forced punishment, or do you?
I love to hear you smack your own ass to My command as I force spank you through cam or phone. If you're extra slutty I may turn you into an actual whore for Me. Sissifying you for My amusement and your embarrassment.
I have a wide array of interests: Humiliation, Degradation, Sissification, Feminization,Edge play, Mind fucks, Strap on,Cuckolding, Body hair removal, Speech Restrictions, OTK, Orgasm denial, Objectification, Nipple torture, CBT, T&D, PAIN, an array of fetishes especially smoking fetish, Bondage,Desensitization, Pulling hair, Face smacking I am sure I can accomodate any other desire....for the right price of course;)
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