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☯ Train to become a psychic seducer ☯

This listing is NOT for playing. You will not get off. It IS for learning how to seduce someone from afar, using psychic abilities and other techniques.
MINIMUM CALL 20 MINUTES! Deposit enough before you call to avoid interrupting our meditations.

* Send Her Juicy Messages *
* Communicate with Her Subconscious *
* Encourage Her to Connect with You *

Learn Psychic Seduction

Join the elite ranks of people who know how to get under other people's skin using long-distance psychic and hypnotic techniques. It is NOT mind control, but it's close. I'll give you the secrets of how I do Psychic Seduction. I will teach you the specific energy-based and Tantra meditations and exercises that permit me to raise and transmit sexual energy.

Meditation on Niteflirt? Yes. You do NOT have to quiet your mind. You just need to follow my directions.
I'm Sallie, the Sexual Psychic and your Mistress of Sexual Seduction.
I am condensing 20 years of spiritual study and practice into
one phone call, or more if you wish to become adept.

These are not a simple techniques.They require time to learn. Deposit enough for at least 20 minutes, just to get started. More sessions will be required later. I suggest you e-mail me first so we can discuss your interests, or call me on one of the Sexual Psychic listings.

YOU MUST POSSESS self-awareness, emotional maturity, and a commitment to working in the Light. Your success is most likely if you possess natural psychic or empath abilities.

I will not teach anyone who practices the dark arts or intends to harm someone. I reserve the right to refuse to teach anyone, for any reason, which I do not have to explain, and without refund of previous call time.

Ready for serious study?
Make a deposit, then
call me.

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Deposit enough for 20 minutes BEFORE you call.
As the SexualPsychic I give psychic readings about sex, desire and all topics.
Visit the Tantra_Tutor listings to study Tantra as taught by ancient Taoists.
Call Sexual Sanity's "Light in the Dark" listing if you're giving up power to others during sex.
As the Psychic Seducer I reel in your potential lovers, help your partner be wilder, and program you for maximum sexual performance.
My Boudoir Photos: For a pretty penny, regular customers only may purchase photos of me at my prime.

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