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Awaken her passion! Help her feel REAL pleasure. ☯

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Are you frustrated because
your lover isn't wild enough?

Free her inner wild woman!

Does your lover believe that it is "slutty" for a "good woman" to completely let go in the bedroom?

I did.

Was your lover "slut–shamed"?

I was.

It took me 20 years of expensive therapy, activist rage-venting, and self-discovery to become a "good slut." I went from disowning my sexual energy, to embracing it.

I can help your partner get wild in a lot less time.

Deep down, perhaps for reasons she can't explain, your lover wants to be a madonna.

The girl in white.

The good wife and mother.

The essence of purity.

Many women would rather die than anyone consider them a slut...

...Especially you.

I know, I know. You've told her many times how much you want her to be a slut for you. Doesn't matter.

What holds her back is buried deep in her subconscious, a place that has no ears for your well–reasoned arguments or impassioned pleas.

I offer techniques for creating change in those deep dark unconscious crevices.

It is there that slut–shaming takes root in women, there that cultural rules of purity versus sexual dirtiness reside.

It is only there that a woman can transform from a straight–laced madonna into a for–your–eyes–only, uninhibited whore.

My Powers

I am able to dialogue with your lover's subconscious, emboldening her to open to untamed sex. I have five skill areas that together make it possible to affect a person's thoughts, attitudes and actions from a distance:

Meditation .......... Psychic abilities .......... Energetic transmissions .......... Access to the unconscious .......... Hypnotic suggestions

PLUS I understand the sexual dysfunctions resulting from slut–shaming.

There are no guarantees. But with my powerful psychic and suggestive abilities, plus my intimate knowledge of women's fear of unchained passion, it is possible that the sessions will increase her comfort with her sexuality — A GIFT FOR BOTH OF YOU.


What do You Do?

Buy the sessions. Call me. Read my reports.

That's the minimum.

Oh — and enjoy the results. And, if you wish, email or call me to share the good news.

If you are serious about helping your partner and improving your relationship, you have a bigger role. Look at yourself. Be open to hearing what you can do to help your partner feel safe exploring her sexually ferocious side. And be ready to change you, not just her.

With open–minded focus on both of you, her transformation will be quicker and require fewer sessions. That might involve phone calls with you in between my psychic work sessions with her.

Subconscious change does not happen overnight, nor does it translate into conscious behavior changes immediately. It will take multiple sessions to see results — every person is different so I can not predict how many sessions your lover needs.

.....How much do you want your partner to find her inner slut?

............How many times have you wished she would loosen up?

...............How often do you fantasize about wilder sexual encounters?

What's it worth to have a lover who is comfortable being slutty with you?

Are You Ready to
Liberate the Slut in Her?

1. Purchase a Psychic Seduction series with a button below.

2. Call me to craft personalized messages (I help). The call includes a brief psychic reading on you and the object of your desire.

3. I meditate, contact their subconscious mind and relay the messages.

4. I email you a report.

5. You decide whether to reinforce the initial sessions by purchasing more.


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