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Seductress Suzie

☎ Hypnosis ☎ Blackmail-RTR-Financial-Intox☎Poppers

I am a woman of mystifying power and sensual seduction. My Intelligence more powerful than my looks. I adore slowly extracting every last bit of power from submissive men through the art of erotic hypnosis and consensual mind control. I even resort to consensual blackmail in extreme cases.

I demand the utmost obedience from my submissive men and delight in slowly taking complete control of you. I ask that you be familiar with hypnosis before calling this listing as I am not into "Hypno-Newbies" There is nothing I enjoy more than bringing an arrogant man crumbling to his knees, simply by using my hypnotic voice and chosen words.

You will find yourself becoming weaker and more susceptible to my voice and my desires as I continuously control you through the use of erotic hypnosis. Once you have been broken down, you will be subjected to utter humiliation and submission as you are made to carry out my every desire. You will no longer be able to resist me.

In fact, you will become completely addicted to me. My power of mind control will have your mind in a constant whirl thinking of me as everything else melts completely away.

You know that you need to feed your sick addiction, and I am the Mistress to control you with sensual, erotic hypnosis. I look forward to digging my claws deep into your psyche, controlling your mind, your body, your finances and your thoughts completely, so don't hold back! Allow me to enter your subconscious mind and take you down into a mind numbing hypnotic trance. .

Many men that enjoy erotic hypnosis are looking to embrace their deep dark thoughts and fantasies. During erotic hypnosis and deep trance, I use my soothing voice and programming techniques to rid you of all of your inhibitions and restrictions. You will delight in embracing the new you once you exit your trance like state..

As you can see, I am well-versed in all forms of erotic hypnosis and I love toying with your mind.
Call me for mind control, financial control or ruination, coerced bi fantasies, NLP, neurological data update, humiliation including but not limited to SPH.

Allow me to visit the core of your very being and unlock those deep, dark fantasies that you've kept locked away. Embrace the new you and experience the freedom to be who you are truly meant to be!

Please allow ample time for our sessions!

When I am Happy, I promise you will be Happy. Feedback is something that makes me very Happy. It behooves YOU to keep ME Happy!