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Athena Black

Come, Come .... Tempted the British Black Widow

My name is


I am the one female that you have always desired but also forever dreaded .... A Black Widow.

I will eat you alive.

A beautiful, poised British lady with expensive tastes and exquisite manners. So aloof and beyond your reach but when I finally do smile at you, look at the way your little pathetic heart beats faster, your mouth dries and all sensient thought disappears. Wouldn't you just love to possess me? Have all your professional colleagues, and your country club cronies, drool over me but be the one whose arm I am on?

But beware .... At the age of 30, I've already thrown away worthless men who never made the grade. Now I am on the prowl for my next victim. I'll bleed you of money and then bleed you some more - it excites me to make you suffer. Do you dare to enter where others fear to tread? Once inside, I will surreptitiously lead you to the ultimate surrender. Your head, soul, and body will become mine to do with as I please .... And I am a devious female with obliquitous desires.