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Squirting Dominant Witch - Female Ejaculation!

Domina Bianca Lawless

Sadist, Succubus, Shamanatrix
& Female Supremacist

As an inherently Dominant Woman turned professional Dominatrix, I am keenly aware of the sexual tension I bring into the consciousness of unsuspecting men in My day to day life. They may fantasize about undressing Me without knowing that I tease, torment and control dogs just like them for a living; and yet, they somehow sense that they are unworthy of experiencing the carnal pleasures of My body - therefore, inflicting the same tease & torment upon themselves by the sheer arousal of My thought.

Given My reputation as a competent Domme trained first as a submissive, many dirty little minds wonder if I participate in vanilla sex with My husband (whom I am also known to exploit within the confines of BDSM)... and though My erotic encounters with My submissive man are usually devoid of whips and chains, I'm not sure if you'd call My squirting, quivering, multiple-orgasm-prone pussy a facet of "vanilla" sex. Yes, My goddess organ is trained to deliver My sweet nectar, when stimulated correctly, as only My lover and a few other females have been known to do.

I am a practicing Witch and student of folk magic and the Occult. Sexual ecstasy is a staple of My spirituality. Although I do not engage in real-time sex with the men I encounter daily, I consider it an almost religious experience to be able to fantasize over the phone. Can you imagine how your cock would feel inside of My incredibly tight, pulsating, ejaculating pussy? Keep imagining. Do you think you can handle Me? Surely not. But you can fantasize... & if you are so inclined, you can listen to My sounds of passion as I massage My divine pussy and tell you how a real Man pleases Me.

So, here is My line for all you inadequate boys who wish you could feel My gushing slit and suck on My swollen clit yourself. Tell Me how you wish you could please Me, while I laugh at you incessantly. Listen to My languorous voice purr about My lover doing things to Me that you will never do. Hear a Real Woman get Herself off on the premise of your sexual inferiority. Do your best to turn Me on... & maybe I'll squirt for you, too.