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Seductress Suzie

♔Intelligent Manipulating Money Goddess♔

Every now and then even the lowly money pig is looking for something, or someone, special. This something is the total and complete loss of control to a strong and powerful Money Goddess. A Money Goddess that knows how to take control from the money pig through the use of very carefully planned seduction and mindfuckery. And that Money Goddess is Me!

As a financial domination Goddess, I have learned how to slowly work my way deep into the minds of men like you, using your own lust for gratification to bring you crawling to me. I enjoy slowly stripping away every last strand of your manhood until you have become nothing more than the worthless human ATM slave that you secretly crave to be.

Your only purpose will be to serve me and to please me in any way possible. The only little problem here is that given the size of your pathetic, inept cock... your only use to me will be as a Lowly Money Pig. You, of course, will be more than grateful to be a servant of a powerful and beautiful woman such as myself.

You have never had the opportunity to be this close to a woman such as myself and you have never dared to even approach a gorgeous woman, knowing your inherent sexual short comings. You have always known that you would have to pay a high price for the fact that you suffer from having a small penis and a serious lack of self confidence around women.

I am the perfect financial domination Goddess to guide you down the road of deep financial desecration and sexual deviance. It is time for you to step into my den of financial domination and sexual debauchery. Remember....MEN LIKE YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY

When I am Happy, I promise you will be Happy. Feedback is something that makes me very Happy. It behooves YOU to keep ME Happy!