Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Try Me! I May Become Your New Addiction

If you only call me one time to quickly rub one out, wonderful. But if you're looking for someone to call on a more regular basis, someone who really gets to know you, then it might be helpful for you to understand not only who I am, but my skill set and experience as a performer.

I believe most of my callers connect with me because I am understanding, caring, sincere, and listen attentively. I'd like you to consider our call to be a safe container in which to share your most private thoughts and fantasies, no matter how unusual, disturbing, or humiliating they may feel.

I'm a professional and I love connecting with my callers. My listings reflect many of my own interests. I believe that comes through to you during our calls, because phone sex, while anonymous, is also intensely intimate. It's a mental and aural glory hole through which we can share the naughtiest parts of ourselves. I learned quickly that faking my enjoyment served no one, and you deserve a partner who is dripping with enthusiasm. So please trust my sincerity when I tell you that our conversation is my pleasure!

Maybe you're married or are in a relationship. I won't judge you. It's not always easy for two people to be in the mood at the same time. Whatever we do will just be between us, and nobody else needs to know about it. And even if we develop a deep affection for each other, it's totally safe, and no threat to your commitments. It may take the pressure off of your relationship and help you be a more supportive partner.

Purchase My Yahoo, Skype, and Google IDs so that I can make sure that you're obeying My instruction to the letter by observing you on webcam. Note: you will not see Me.

Check My Blog regularly for my availability, which I update via Twitter. Call any time my listings show "available," or call to schedule an appointment.
Please also note that I am ONLY available for phone, watch-on-cam, email, chat, NiteFlirt PTV custom audio, written or photo erotica. I do not offer any services that violate NiteFlirt’s TOS or US State or Federal Law.

For our phone date to go well, I'd like you to tell me what type of experience you're seeking. I will reflect back to you what I understood, ask questions, and determine if I can offer it to you. Maybe you're a little shy-- if so, you'll see many comments in my feedback about how easy it is to talk to me. I do refer out to other flirts, so if I feel you might be better suited to another of NiteFlirt's finest, I'm happy to usher you to someone who can take better care of you. If it turns out that I'm not your cup of tea or if my voice and my mind don't make your naughty bits quiver with lust, please don't hesitate to end the call politely or request a referral. I will never give you a hard time about calling someone else .

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Most of the guys I've met here say that I'm pretty easy to talk to. I hope that's true! Feel free to email me if you're extra nervous, and I'll be happy to answer any questions. Just keep in mind that I am not always near the computer so I may not get your email in a timely manner. It's always better if you just call! I hope that you will.