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Mistress Indeep

Taking Sexual Service from Men for MY Pleasure.


Your proper place (and you know this yourself) is on your back with your legs spread and in the air, or on your knees offering your ass pussy to me for my deep, relentless penetration. As a female dominatrix with over 20 years of training sissies to take my hot, hard dildos, no one has more skill or expertise in all of the southern United States. STRAP ON TRAINING IS MY SPECIALTY.

I can milk it right out of you with my intimate, persistent deep stroking. Most dommes refer to it as prostate milking, but since I force it out of you whether you want me to or not, I think of it as involuntary semen extraction. I absolutely WILL NOT allow you to touch or stroke yourself as I milk every last drop of your hot, sticky semen out. When you tell me what size dildo you can deal with…it will not be thick or long enough to please me, so I will make you take an even bigger one. And as your cum explodes or leaks out, I will force you to swallow every sticky, oozy drop. If I am adequately amused at your whimpering and moaning as I Have My Way with you, I may choose to allow you to be further trained in oral servitude, and reward you with my precious orgasmic nectar.

Do not call me unless you have your dildo ready and have your panties on, you pathetic, inadequate excuse for a man.

Pull down your panties and call me NOW.
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Audio Files

Listen to me as I am in live sessions with sissies exactly like you, forcefully extracting their semen, punishing them for having completely inadequate, tiny little erections, for having balls, which look absurd in panties, for dripping cum without my permission, or while using their mouths to pleasure me, when I am in the right mood.

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Photo Sets of Me and My Slaves

Study carefully the explicit pictures of me as I Have My Way with limp-wristed, cum dripping whores & sluts like you.

Mistress transforms and fucks one of her sissies,
also subjecting him/her to forced bi!

Mistress gives an amazingly deep strap on fucking with her biggest,
longest dildo, which she calls her two ring depth charge!

Mistress gives her regular submissive sub h, a deep and relentless prostate massage, with an assortment of her most imposing WMD! You will just have to imagine why she is putting on those long rubber gloves.

Poor Ms Bobbi was a virgin before Mistress claimed her virginity
with her famous John Holmes dildo. Ms Bobbi is forced to taste her own cum!

Video Clips

Want to know what it is like to be forced to submit to me, to have me milk every last drop of your semen out, even as you try as hard as you can not to cum, knowing that I will whip your disobedient balls and ass if you do cum without my permission? Watch, listen and learn!

BUSTED. Bobbi is subjected to Mistress HUGE strap on dildo,
after having been caught on a date with a man.

Watch as I test my latest creation, a unique invention which I call
my ANAL IMPALER. Poor sub h. The way he does carry on!!

IMPALED AGAIN! Not satisfied with the first trial, Mistress uses a much
larger dildo on her subject with her IMPALER WMD (Weapon of Male Destruction).

Find yourself on your back, legs in the air, with Mistress between your
legs fucking you with one of her massive dildos. Point of View!

This is part 2, in which if your timing is good,
we should experience a simultaneous orgasm!

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