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This Goddess and Girl Next Door will devour you

You know you've thought about her...

You've seen that woman shopping for groceries. The one you wish you could press yourself behind in the produce section, as she runs her hands over the cucumbers. The woman who would pretend to be insulted only to invite you to the back of her SUV for a quick 69.


You've seen that woman walking into the lingerie store. The one you wanted to follow into the fitting room, avoiding the watchful eye of the attendant, while you help the woman try on and take off every single sheer undergarment. Perhaps eventually making the fitting room smell like sex for a week.


Perhaps she is the woman who lives next door. The one who likes to change in front of her open window? The one who knows you're watching her, the one who knows you’re stroking to the view, the one you finally spill your seed on the window-sill for. And her, wishing the entire time that you had invited yourself over. She would have been happy to have drawn that cum out of you herself.


Or perhaps she is the well-to-do coworker. The one you think of defiling every day, of cornering in the supply closet. Only when you finally do, she turns the tables on you, and uses you as her own piece of furniture for the entire day. Anchoring your leash to her desk for her amusement, like the good little pet she will train you to be.


I am those women. Every day, I live deep, sucking the marrow out of life with no regrets. Do you think you can keep up with me? You're more than welcome to try. Don't believe me? Want to test me? Please do. I want you to.

I am a Puerto Rican 20-something from SoFla. I am educated but I am an exhibitionist to the core. I just can’t help myself. I always have the urge to put on a show. Its probably the biggest reason I became a Burlesque dancer.

I love both men and women and enjoy playing with them separately and together. I specialize at Role-playing. In fact, it’s my absolute FAVORITE thing to do. Play your cards right and you might just be able to catch me sucking my huge dildo, right after I’ve used it. Or instead, a real, nice, thick cock, ready to empty its load onto my face or down my throat.

Here are just a few of my fetishes:

  • Lingerie and stocking
  • Worship (Giving and Receiving)
  • Spanking
  • Ravishment

I’m a D and D groupie. I’m a comic book fan. I’m a geeky girl who can understand more references than people care to give her credit for. If I don’t understand something, I love to ask questions. So if you’re willing to explain it to me, I would love to listen.

I can cam with you using Skype or Yahoo. Just let me know which you prefer, lover.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to getting lost in each others fantasies.