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I'm looking for a sissy wife on the side...

Like the title says, I'm basically a straight, masculine man who is seeking a sissy wife on the side - or at the least, an extreme submissive whom I can train and mold to be the ideal wife for me. That means sex when and how I want it, wearing what I pick out for you to suit my mood, dinner on the table when I drop by, looking hot for when I show you off to my buddies, etc.
Some of you may be too young to remember "The Stepford Wives." This is what I'm looking for: a girl without an ounce of feminism or attitude inside her, a slut in the bedroom, a sissy who knows her place and if she gets out of line, she knows I'll be hiking up her skirt, yanking down her panties and spanking her bare bottom.
I want my sissy wife to be a bit empty-minded. If you can read this, you're about a smart as I want you to be, otherwise, I want a smile on your face and the only thing for you to occupy your mind is keeping your chastity device clean, douching and plugging your hot little pussy so it's ready for me when I need it - whether that's bent over the dish-washer or sink or spread eagle on your back elevated by a soft pink cushion in the bedroom.
My perfect sissy wife does her guided masturbation (without cumming) to sissy hypno porn, watches herself suck a dildo in the mirror, practices her make up, douches and plugs regularly, sits to pee, takes her hormones on time, keeps her body perfectly smooth, encourages breast tissue growth by wearing push-up bras and using breast pumps, and so-on.
If you've gotten this far and you get that sense deep down inside that you were born to be objectified and to serve a real Man; that the glass ceiling for your career aspirations is bumping your head on the underside of my executive desk while you are wearing a pencil skirt and blowing me, then you should probably pick up that princess phone and dial me up.

Sissy Master


Sissy Master's Blog.
Volume 2, Number 1

"Homework for sissy wives in training with me..."
Month of April:

1) Continue to write me your deepest secret sissy desires so I can read them outloud and comment on them with you on the phone. If you were here in person, I'd prop your diary on top of your head and read it outloud while you held one or both of my hairy balls in your mouth stimulating and incubating my new sperm so I could breed you with it later
2) don't call me until you have abstained from cumming for at least 72 hours. I want you horny, submissive and compliant. Thoseu of you in chastity who are sending me pics of your numbered and NON-tampered locks, call me anytime I'm here for advanced deep training.
3) Those of you learning to cum hands free with my panty rub technique, continue to utilize your technique while watching hypnosis and practicing sucking dildos in the mirror.
4) those of you sissy wives who are pregnant and starting to get that baby bump, call me and describe the changes going on with your body. You need to get your breast pumps and encourage milk production. (P*****e and J***t call me soon).
5) sissy wives who are in chastity and are scheduled for your prostate milking session. This time I want you milking your sissy cream on a hand mirror and afterwards lick it up in full make up so you reinforce the new programming from our hypnosis sessions. Some of you reluctant ones who need forced to stay in sissy mode after you cum accidentally - you especially need to call me to ensure continued compliance.
7) sissies who are behind on payments will be given tampon punishment.
6) all sissies in my program - a reminder. I will not tolerate purging your pretty clothes.
7) To "l**********y* you need to call me soon. I am in a mood to intensely humiliate you so you'll moan and whimper on the phone for me. You may not cum without my permission no matter how desperate you get from my voice and dirty dominant talk.

The following ca$h $lave$ are 30 days past due and now owe double your slave fee:
1. O*****r
2. P*********t
3. S*******y
4. G*****Y
5. B*****9*

Sissy Spotlight: P*****e
Congratulations go out to sissy P*****e" for maintaining 196 days of continued chastity. Daily tease, denial and hypnosis was endured by her. She was released on 4/10/16 where I made her get on skype, apply numbing cream to her tiny clit followed by two condoms and was allowed to fuck her hairbrush for 45 seconds. she humped and moaned frantically as I counted down the seconds. Alas, even viagra couldn't make that girl cum - so after 10 minutes of resting her sissy balls in ice, she went back in chastity. Only 197 days to go before her next release. she lives with uninterrupted sissy horny bliss. Thanks to her adherence to my training session. Furthermore, she has become the best little cock sucker - dedicated to giving men gut wrenching orgasms with her mouth and pussy ass... she gives real men what she herself can't attain. she is truly dedicated and devoted solely for a man's pleasure
Thanks go out to P*****e" - a true sissy's sissy. Keep up the good work.

Sissy Master's Blog: Volume 1, No.2

The Mind of Sissy Master: Fucking a Girl for the First Time.
Part of the "Living Vicariously Through the Girl's of Sissy Master" series.

Dear Sissy,

I'm looking for NEW sissies. Take a moment to look at all my profiles here. Read my 5 STAR CUSTOMER REVIEWS! Call some of the other Flirts here... then when you're ready for the real deal, pick up the phone and call me here. Let's talk. Take your time. I'll start a new personal file on you, evaluate your entire sexual history, fantasies, deep sissy needs. At this rate, you can take your time getting to know me so I can get to know YOU.

Do you ever say to yourself, "I don't want to DO the girl, I want to BE the girl!"

I know why you feel that way. I know a lot about you already that you might not even know about yourself.

Let me share a personal story about what it's like to BE the pretty, privileged woman having me for the first time

"Tessa" was a pretty, single woman who lived in the same condo building as I did. She was a bit of a princess, like many privileged, pretty women are. She assumed I was "unavailable" because my girlfriend was living with me at the time (she was actually my submissive/slave, but Tessa didn't know this). Women like to flirt with unavailable men. But when she called my bluff and invited me over for a glass of wine, teasing turned to frustration when she realized she might be a little over her head.

I was getting my needs met by my slave, "Brenda," so I had the good fortune of being the well-fed lion, free to roam and size up the herd. I was perfectly willing to play Tessa's teasing game - biding my time - until I went up one night after hours and she answered the door in a full length fur coat (with nothing on underneath).

When a man is in the driver's seat (where he belongs), there is no need to rush, and certainly no need to fall over himself with the slightest crook of a woman's finger. That is the way of beta men.

As a sissy reading this, you know you would not play games with me - or with any real Man. You have no need for the mating dance. And when Tessa stopped trying to lead her man, that's when the real dance began.

I guided her to the edge of the sofa then leaned in and French kissed her until she melted into the cushions. Her small, perky breasts ached for attention as her fur coat cascaded open around her; opening her up like the delicate flower that she was. She was ready to submit. She was open, inviting and had one thing on her mind.

Looking in to my eyes, she asked, "do you have a big cock?" The irony that is a woman. She doesn't want a dick pic when she's screening men on a dating site, but at the end of the day, it's the only thing that matters moving forward. And "moving forward" that is what she wanted to know of me.

"Well," I replied, "why don't you put your hands down there and find out for yourself?"

Standing over her, staring straight into her eyes, not moving, not offering to "whip it out," I waited for her reply. Was she hoping for a last minute effort on my part to pull it out like a Samurai coming in for the kill? Did I still need to "impress" her or "earn" her princess pussy? No. I can wait. It is big. It is throbbing, and it will be balls-deep inside of her soon enough, but she's going to have to reach down for it. And reach down, she did.

I arched my back slightly so my cock would retreat. Perhaps she was thinking she would be disappointed, like she had been before with other men. Maybe finding a small dick would give her that final power she sought to have over me - over all men. It would help her compensate for having had to work for it so hard.

Slowly she reached down. Her eyes locked with mine. Her mind's eye creating a sonar image of what she sought. I waited for her hand to get closer - to enter the "strike zone" and then I slowly hunched my ass forward, pushing my cock out and into her tiny hand; smeary pre-cum and pulsing, veiny against her hand then snake it's way up past her wrist and wresting finally on her forearm.

The look she gave me was the look that all men deserve. That happy surprise. That relief that turns into concern.

"It's... enormous. If it were any bigger, it would hurt!"

Truth be told, despite getting laid twice that day by two beautiful females, it can't compare to the femininity and power that a sissy possesses and brings to the table (or bedroom) for any man. Even the new, untrained sissy is more desirable and deserving of a man's attention, than the most prized, modern-day female.

So, to all the sissies and small dicked cuckolds out there reading this. You can obsess all you want over a woman you can never have - or you can embrace your higher calling and be the perfect sissy for a grateful and hungry man.

In those final moments, when a man is deep inside the vessel of his desires, it is the grateful, gasping, moaning sissy who deserves his attentions.

Don't be a half-assed man for a woman who won't appreciate you. Be the girl of his dreams that you crave being and he has earned.

And one final thought for you. Did Tessa hop up out of bed afterwards and clean me with a warm washcloth, rub my shoulders and fix me a drink... or did she fret over the trouble the dry cleaner's was going to have getting all of my manly nut butter out of her fur coat?

Call me sissies... let me teach you what men need so you can be and do for men like only you can - and were destined to do.

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Do it. Tribute me now. Bookmark me. Call me. Be my personal, sissy booty call for when I AM in the mood. Be that girl who lives upstairs that men turn to over and over.