Phone Sex

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So it would seem that there are a lot of professionals on this site. And more power to them.

I however am not one of them. I am literally just the boy next door. The one you see walking home that you wish you had the courage to talk to.

The one at the beach, shirtless and beautiful who you wish you could lick up and down but never will.

The one who you saw this past week which brought you here to me.

I'm a 24 year old guy looking for fun with a guy who isn't necessarily as experienced as others, but is willing and wanting to talk to me. We can chat casually or if you're rock hard and ready to go, we can talk about anything from a Dom/sub conversation to doing something that makes you feel so dirty you won't want to look at yourself for a few days.

If you're looking to get better at oral, want to take a swing at anal, need to break a dry spell or get over a boyfriend, or just want to make yourself a hot dirty little fucktoy that gives up all control for just one night, I'm totally game. And don't worry, whatever you're into, I'm into too.

I took this picture of my cock. Do you like it?

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